New Year Snippets: UraBoku 2013 Calendar and 07-Ghost Kapitel 91

ヾ(^∇^) Hi all. Ayu is happy to share the first new year mag specials and manga snippets on tBPII. The Feb issue of Asuka came with a bonus 2013 Calendar featuring UraBoku manga illustrations by Hotaru Odagiri. I’ve also gotten the Feb issue of Comic ZeroSum and that means 07-ghost snippets are in store for 07-G fandom. I often look forward to receiving the magazines at this time of year as they tend to come with all sorts of furoku…ha, who doesn’t like getting such freebies. But anyway, on to the bonuses.

Click ‘‘ to view ASUKA’s Uraboku 2013 Calendar

and ‘‘ for snippets of 07-Ghost Kapitel 91.

8 thoughts on “New Year Snippets: UraBoku 2013 Calendar and 07-Ghost Kapitel 91

  1. Renjie

    Is it possible for you to give me a link where to read online the UraBoku manga? I was able I read everything manga had but it did not have any volume 7 and jumped to volume 8 instead and that is all. I would appreciate your reply.
    Thank you for sharing. Like this manga.


  2. Just A Fan!

    Hey, it looks like an interesting chapter, a lot of “clarifying” information was given. And its a bit sad. But its good, and love the Frau saves Teito (again) part. Hope that all of them can escape, although I think that Frau and Teito will be the only ones that escape, and that Ouka will fall under an evil spell, or something. Anyway loved your snippets, Just one question, Was Ea absorbed by Landkart, or will it be reborn as someone else? (Just thought of the terrible but possible possibility of Ouka being chosen, although with the Protection of Raphael its a bit difficult)


    1. I don’t think Landkarte absorbed Ea’s soul because we see the symbolic white feathers floating before he disappear. I take it to mean he return to the maker. Well, at least that is what it seems to me. Besides, one is light and the other is darkness, something would have happened if that was the case (if Ea is absorbed by Landkarte). Landkarte’s soul is unsalvageable and he is not Ayanami but a fragment of him. I doubt that a fragment can absorb another unless you are the core. I reckon Frau will be the one to end his misery. Either that or Ayanami will devour him since he is a death God and is the original core to which the 7 Ghosts originate from.


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