Pandora Hearts Vol.19 – Cover plus Inserts

A little late with my post again but I’m back with some images of Pandora Hearts Vol.19 that featured Alyss on the cover. Yes this is the normal/regular edition. I believe the special edition is with Oz on the cover which someone had posted and shared on LJ earlier on. The SE version also came with a figurine of Oz. Anyway, volume 19 was released on Nov-27 and contained 4 chapters i.e. Retrace 75-78. Plenty of revelations and developments in those chapters if I may say so. Like the manga, then do support the mangaka and publisher by buying the official tankoubon releases.

P A N D O R A    H E A R T S    V O L U M E    19   –   R E G U L A R    E D I T I O N

Jacket Cover: Front with side flap

Jacket Cover: Back
Love the new illustration showing an armless Gil

Jacket Cover: Front and back w/o flaps

Paperback Cover: Front

Paperback Cover: Back

Insert: Colour Page
A very pretty illustration of Alyss

Insert: Contents Page

Insert: Extras/Omake

Mangaka’s End Note
Another lovely drawing of Gil. I felt that this volume is the highlight of Gil’s character development. Too bad there are some in the fandom that thought of his character as just a useless sidekick that is used only as a comic relief. I dare say that they’re missing the point and not grasping the story at all. I thought Mochi-Jun is rather crafty with all her creations, whether major or minor, each one of her characters have a role to play in pushing forth the plot and in assembling the bigger picture. It is what held my  interest in Pandora Hearts till now.

< The End >

Enjoy, peeps!

You may use the images for personal graphical purpose but please do not claim them as your own and re-post them elsewhere w/o permission. It would be pitiful if you do. You may, however, link to this post for reference.

5 thoughts on “Pandora Hearts Vol.19 – Cover plus Inserts

  1. Auvaire

    Hi!. Thanks for sharing this, I simply love your scans’ quality… probably, one of the best in the net.
    By the way, it’ll be too much to ask you to do a similar post about vol. 18? You’ll see, I keep in my pc all PH’s covers and insert pics, but I lack those from vol. 18 (and, to be honest, since you started doing these posts, I use your images for that…).
    Either way, thanks for sharing!


  2. bee

    thank you for sharing ;w; mochijun sensei’s volumes covers are always so gorgeous, i can’t wait till yen press releases these volumes *~*
    for me I thought the plot pacing in this volume was kinda slow;; but i’m glad gil got rly good development in this volume :’)


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