And the long night drags on in 07G Kapitel 90

07-Ghost:  Ahhh, it’s that time of the month again…

This post took longer than I thought. What with an ICT trade show, a charity bazaar and helping a friend in organizing a children’s birthday party all happening one after the other, I barely had room to slow down and catch a breather except to do the scanning. But anyway, 07-Ghost Chapter 90 teasers are up sans the usual word puzzle (I don’t have time to plan one and some of you peeps might be bored with it (after a long wait for the teasers).  So then, enjoy the latest snippets and feel free to discuss the chapter. 😀

But before that, you peeps in the fandom might also be interested in finding out that Katsuragi is featured on the cover of the upcoming volume 15 which will be released on Dec-25. Christmas present, anyone? Do show your support to the mangaka and the publisher by buying the original tankoubon.

If you want to know whether Katsuragi/Landkarte has gotten to Teito first or Aya-tan, then head to Page 2 to find out. Cheers.

9 thoughts on “And the long night drags on in 07G Kapitel 90

  1. bee

    thank you for the new chp ;w;07-ghost s So Good. that plot twist where Ayanami is Teito’s uncle…….. the Raggs family sure is kinda messed up :c Also Kal pls don’t die;; But looking forward to Landkarte’s & Ea’s confrontation since they’ve had so much history tgt.


  2. Just A Fan!

    So Ayanami seems to be Teitos Uncle. Interesting I wonder how the mangaka incorporates the new twist to the plot. Anyway, very informative chapter, and laughed a bit with Frau, but still its interesting, although Im not sure what happened to Ouka since we didnt see anything regarding her. Anyway, I hope Teito manages to free Frau, and the others, although it will probably be only Frau.

    Ps I couldnt figure out the last password, I wrote every word I could think of abd still didnt work.


  3. 7ghost4life

    The good guys really don’t get any breaks and Teito seems to be related to every other character in this manga.

    Kal looks pretty much like a goner and knowing how fast Kreuz and Lance kicked the bucket with so little development, it looks already decided.

    At least we got to see Frau a little(missed the humour), also now we’ll have another past story to wait for – Ayanami’s.


  4. Thanks again for sharing this with the community!

    Oh Kal, please give us a good fight. True, there are “signs” that he might die but still.

    Frau finally makes an appearance and he never ceases to make me smile (or laugh). Return to Teito’s side already!

    Perhaps the biggest surprise in this chapter is that Ayanami is actually Teito’s uncle. What a small world! Now this increases the possibility of Eve being just around the corner *looks at Teito*.


  5. mahsanaru

    thank you very much for the new chapter.i was really shocked to find out he is Teito’s uncle.i really want to see Ayanami’s past now.i wish he felt guilty because of killing his brothers and he really loved them.i wish now that Ayanami entered the lab he would help Kal to fight Katsuragi then put Kal in prison like Castor and Labrador so that he won’t get killed(i like Kal i don’t want him to die).i can’t wait for the next chapter.hurry up Teito go and release Frau.sorry for the long comment.


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