Hello fandom, are you ready for some 07-Ghost snips?

I thought I was never going to get this up but hah, Ayu is baaack! Miss the 07-G snippets post much? Nah, I’m sure not many miss much of anything since there are the other usual spoiler site(s) if one is diligent enough to find them. But enough of that. This is TBP and we’re back with our own 07-G chapter spoiler(s) for Kapitel 87.


Want a look at the snippets, then get ready to answer our quiz!

Q: What is another word for “jealousy”?
A: Your answer will be the password to get to the chapter snippets.

Alright, isn’t that an easy one. The reason I pick the word is not for the difficulty factor but that it merely ties in with the feelings I got out from seeing the chapter. Once the green eye monster rears its ugly head, it can lead to some unreasonably drastic actions and consequence. It can blind a person’s judgement and thinking. So, the answer you’re looking for will need to correspond to the vibe that this chapter seemed to entail.

Those who get it right will be receiving a surprise cookie at the end of the snippets post. ^_^

Do drop your comments and discuss the chapter there if you like. Have fun.

Got your answer, E N T E R    H E R E !