On forced temporary hiatus but I’m back…. at long last, I think :P

Hi Peeps!  Ayu is crying tears of joy because she finally has gotten her internet access back…in the interim, at least.  *Waves* to everyone who has been following tBPII and finding out this blog is soooo dead silent for the longest time.

Yo! In case anyone is wondering where the hell have I been to this past one month, I’ve been on internet limbo due to a seemingly unresolvable connectivity issue. I’m not even sure if I’ll be staying connected like this for long as I’ve been told to test my newly configured wi-fi broadband connection for at least several days and see if it is working without further issues. Let’s hope nothing weird happens during this period.

I already miss so many things and had a huge backlog of fandom stuff to catch up on. This, coupled with being totally busy with my RL work definitely floored me from having regular updates up on this blog. Will things ever be normal? Even I don’t have an answer to that. The only thing I can say is that I’ll stick to what I can and keep it going when I can. Oh of course, I do have a life outside of not having internet and being away from fandom activity…hehehe. I’ve become a rather avid photographer, improving my skills aplenty while traveling around with friends.

Anyway, to all who have been following tBPII, thank you so much for being lovely peeps and continuously checking out this blog even if there has been a lack of activity for a long while now. Hopefully, I can catch up with fandom stuff again and share them with you peeps in the days ahead. ^_-


3 thoughts on “On forced temporary hiatus but I’m back…. at long last, I think :P

    1. @hikaruyamato: Thank u. It’s awesome to be back online again. Yes i’ve seen 07G’s latest chapter since i’ve gotten my copy of ZSum earlier on. I hope to post some mag updates and Uraboku fans might enjoy double chapter spoilers this time from Asuka. About 07-G, I think the Eng scanlation is already available somewhere but I’ll just share my thoughts on the chapter in a puzzle free post and if I have time to complete the scans, fans of Are you Alice? might get the latest chapter spoilers. xD
      Hopefully, I can get 07G chapter spoilers up to speed from the Oct issue of Z-sum. Stay tune. xD


      1. Oh yeah, I’ve seen them already a little while after I posted. I haven’t caught up with reading Are You Alice for quite sometime. Maybe I should do that soon. Re Uraboku, do you think I should read it? I’ve only seen the anime but I loved Zess/Luka.
        You’ve also been reading/watching Kurobas, right? Love the images you share in tumblr. Keep it up. 🙂


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