Sakamichi no Apollon 07 – Aww, they made up by making sweet music together


Well, aren’t I back with a chatter of Sakamichi‘s episode 7 or what? I watched it 3 times cos I really enjoy the whole atmosphere and emotional coaster that this episode generates. It’s the best single episode of anime I’ve seen since a Natsume episode back in 2009 (Season 2 to be precise). Tsuritama‘s episode 7 came a very close 2nd. Let me say it again, Noitamina is back and I hope they’ll maintain this momentum entering into “Summer”. No doubt the high notes that these two shows have hit are going to be difficult to beat.


Nuff said. What of episode 7? Kaoru could have sulk his way through the entire episode if this was another different show but we should be thankful that the story did not veer  down such a route. We can see that the door to his closeted world opens a bit more this week when Kaoru plucks up the courage to defend Ri-chan by speaking out to her friends. They were surprised but not at the fact he denied their romantic speculations but that he actually spoke to them. Way to go, Kaoru. Now you’re going to make Ri-chan unconsciously jealous with all the popular attention you’re getting from the other girls. Muahaha. Ri-chan may not know it now but she’s slowly and inadvertently falling for Kaoru’s new found charm. See, sometimes one needs to pull back a little if one wants to pursue the target of one’s heart. Of course, the thing is…Kaoru himself may not know he’s slowly breaking down the barriers that Ri-chan has put up. Isn’t that something to see? We might just witness a reversal of roles this time with Kaoru being clueless. 😆

Remember what happened between Kaoru and Sen in episode 6?


That’s not the only change we see from Kaoru. He actually harbours plenty of guilt for being such a total prick towards Sen even if we see that he carries over his childish attitude by ignoring Sen’s approach to talk to him here. However, it did take Ri-chan’s revelation about Sen punching Jun to really knock some initiative into him albeit feeling all awkward in doing so. Well, I still feel that Kaoru’s character came off as a little ungrateful despite the fact that he did try to reach out to Sen later. In the end, Sen is the one who breaks the ice first. It is only in overhearing Sen’s conversation to Maruo at the School Festival that he realized he has read the situation wrongly in regards to Sen. Sen was right. Don’t judge the book by its cover. But Kaoru is too caught up in his own insecurities and jumped right into conclusion, causing a rift in their friendship that should not have happened in the first place. Really, who is the true friend here?


But all is forgiven as Kaoru and Sen finally made up through music, Jazzz music. That’s possibly the best set of medley performance I’ve ever come across in anime. The whole scene came off perfectly…you know, from manga to anime. I could never imagine how that sounds like by just reading the manga and it is more than I could expect or hoped for. Kanno-san and Watanabe-san surely pulls out all the stops to create such a wonderful, mesmerizing performance. I love the piano playing sequence with Kaoru’s fingers deftly caressing the notes on the keys. That was some smooth animation if I may say so. What a way to end the episode, no doubt the visuals with Sen holding Kaoru’s hand, running away from the crowd must have stirred up even more yaoi imaginations. 😛 Bromance it may be but it is far from being that so perish the thought from your mind, you peeps.


Well next up, we’re going to see what is really going down with Jun. We only got a few glimpses of a very disheveled looking Jun, looking out of sorts. One could even mistake him for a drunkard street bum. It is such a huge contrast from the image of him we saw in earlier episodes. Now that Sen has fully figured out who Yurika’s true crush is, things are going to be even more tense in this 2nd love triangle equation especially with what had transpired between them in this episode. How will it affect Sen’s relationship with Jun in the future? And Yurika, how will she feel now that she had seen Jun in a different light?

Oh, Seiji’s Beatles wanna-be outfit is pretty amusing to watch. I can’t help but chuckle through that very cheesy, song and dance routine that ‘The Olympus’ performed even if we didn’t get to see them finish the performance. I did say that we might hear something other than jazz music but that was a rather short foray away. Still, it did its job conveying the signs of the times. Will we hear something more down the line? I doubt it.

On a related note, as much as some of you out there wanted to get ahead of yourselves and find out the ending of the manga, I will not reveal it. I thought I already gave out some minute hints…the ED of the anime adaptation is a big part of it. Just listen to the song and you’ll get plenty of hints from there. Also, there’s a passage of time involved at the final volume. No matter what you derive from these hints, I’ll state it again in a quote this time – “Friendship that flows from the heart cannot be frozen by adversity, as the water that flows from the spring cannot congeal in winter.”

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