Sakamichi no Apollon 05 and 06 – Cue the jealousy and bratty tantrums over losing a BFF

Hah! Where have I been eh? I miss talking about Sakamichi no Apollon the anime this past week because I got caught up reading volume 9 of the manga, watching other anime like Tsuritama, Jormungand, Space Brothers, KuroBas and Hyouka. Yup basically catching up. Updated my MAL list and then some.


I reckon it’s only natural that some peeps from the anime fandom poke me for the burning triangular or polygon relationship resolutions now that I’ve read Vol.9 of “Sakamichi”. Shall I spoil a little bit? Nah, not really. The one thing I’m going to stress is what Junichi’s college mate said to Kaoru in Ep 05: “Unlike Lovers, Friendship is for life“.  And emm, a passage of time is involved. See, that is actually a teeny clue for the curious bunch poking me. How it gets to that point…let’s enjoy the anime together and find out. 😆 Continue reading