+C: Sword and Cornett Vol.7 – Cover plus Inserts

This is strictly for (existing and new) fans of Yugyoji Tama’s +C: Sword and Cornett which is receiving very little love from the manga fandom, it seems. It is probably due to the lack of attention in terms of translations more than anything else. I’m not sure what happen to this group who is suppose to be working on spreading the love through their English translations. Apparently, everything’s on hold there for the time being. So, I’m wondering if anyone else is going to quietly pick it back up so we can continue spreading the love of this manga far and wide as it appears the small fandom community is almost deader than dead. 😛

In any case, I think it is fair for me to continue plugging Cornett’s volume releases here on tBPII along side TZA where my team mates are mainly doing the omake translations of the manga.  So without further ado, let’s move on to Volume 7 which is Cornett’s latest release to date.

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