KuroBas – Why so funny, eh?

Ahem! Happy Mother’s Day to Momsies everywhere including yours! ^_^

What’s that got to do with Kuroko’s Basketball? Nothing really. 😆 I feel the need to just say a greeting and mothers are special people after all. We won’t be here without our mothers now, won’t we?!

But yeah, let’s babble on about Kuroko’s Basketball. This is so random because I just wanted to chatter about KuroBas. See, I put this little montage of images together as a fangirl appreciation. (*^^*)


I‘m really enjoying both the anime adaptation and manga. I dunno about other viewers but I think the anime is hilarious. I thought the mangaka’s humour (or jokes, if you like) translated really well into the anime. I can’t help but chuckle while watching an episode or maybe I’m just shallow and easy to please. Though the same can’t be said of other anime series that pertain to be comedies and aren’t that all funny. In KnB’s case, credit has to go to the original source material and mangaka Fujimaki Tadatoshi. It’s not so much the sports element i.e the basketball aspect, but the humour that really got me into reading the manga. The best part is that the comedy does not fall into slapstick category and the humour almost always comes from the character interactions. One can feel the camaraderie that the story is trying to portray through the comedic aspects.

< Warning: Manga Spoilers Ahead >

That said, I am hoping KuroBas isn’t just about Seirin having to face and beat all the G.o.M players because they are all assembled in one place i.e. the Winter Cup tournament. That would be rather predictable if it is the only point to the story. To be honest, I felt that Seirin suddenly got so strong in the space of one season and it is turning into “winning is everything” kind of plot progression and “we will win against all the remaining 4 basuke monster”‘ because if they don’t, the story won’t progress anywhere.  Again, I dunno how others feel but if the mangaka has the intention to end KuroBas after the Winter Cup and make it so that Seirin beat everyone and win every single match in one tournament because they have to, I personally feel….it’s just too easy and less exciting than I’d expected. Certainly, I hope there’s more to KuroBas than something this predictable. What I love to see happening is the G.o.M getting together to play a game against the Uncrowned Kings. That means Kiyoshi will be playing against Kuroko-chiKagami could be in the same team as Kiyoshi. It will be exciting to see how a game between these two *teams* will play out if the mangaka ever decides to write such a scenario. I can dream, can I ?! 😀

7 thoughts on “KuroBas – Why so funny, eh?

  1. Yeah, I also fell in love iwth KnB! It’s really hilarious. Especially the manga bloopers pages xD And those extras. I also wanna buy two light novels that were released not long ago. (I wonder if it can be found anywhere online just to take a peek at). Hmm, I’m not sure if it’s gonna end after the Winter Cup, because we’ve seen only two out of five Uncrowned Kings so far.
    But c’mon, it’d be really sad if they lost this Winter Cup, because it’s Kiyoshi’s last year.

    I think that apart from its humor the basketball aspect is actually great too. Even while reading manga, for instance both Kisa vs Aomine and 2nd time Kagami vs Aomine, those two matches were SOOO intense, I read all these volumes in one go.

    Someone offered that it’d be awesome if Murasakibara managed to enter the zone, but I think that would be just plain scary.


    1. Heck ya. I’m delighted to see more love from the ani-manga fandom for KnB. Oh and I agree that the manga extras are simply hilarious and awesome. I mean I’d buy a compilation of the comical extras if ‘Shounen Jump’ and the mangaka ever decides to release something like that. 😆

      As for chatter on the recent chapter (165), I don’t think I want to see Mura duplicating Kagami going into the ‘zone’. Heck, it is supposed to be a special ability and if everyone can do it, it’s not so special anymore. I rather see a tactical game with Mura showing his true basketball prowess combining his G.o.M skills with Himuro and creating all sorts of trouble for Kagami, Kuroko and the rest of the Seirin team. In fact, the mangaka should bring out more of the other team members ability instead of just focusing on Kagami, Mura, Himuro and Kuroko. At the end of the day, basketball is still a team sports. That’s the reason why I loved Oofuri so much more. The characters’ dynamics of both teams on the field is what really hooked my attention and made me interested in reading/watching Oofuri. The only part of Kurobas that have some of that spirit is when we see glimpses of the G.o.M players past as a team. Let’s see how Kiyoshi will play into the game now that Mura gets into his gear for real because I’m sure Kagami will not be able to keep it up in the zone. It shouldn’t be the only plan he has but the whole team better play well tactically.


  2. psychedeliccolors

    I found Kuroko no Basuke not too long ago. Truthfully, my first impression about this series is like “Urrgh, I am sure it’s a lame sports manga”. However, when I unintentionally watched the trailer, I was like “Hey! That’s not so bad!” and so, I marathon the manga since I am on semester break and have nothing to do. Now I totally love this series. I can’t imagine that I am hooked to a sports manga and what more it’s about basketball. Mind you, I am clueless about basketball =.=” and so I don’t know their rules and stuffs. Somehow, now I am thinking about watching basketball games. I am so easy to influence, really. Hehe.

    And no, you are not shallow or easy to please; it’s just that the comedy hits the spot! I was giggling when I’m reading too. I too think it is possible that the story might just end after the winter cup since it seems so uncertain. I mean, their goal is to be the best in Japan, and if the Generation of Miracles who was said to be the best were defeated, the story ends? Unless there are stronger people out there that might hinder their goal. I am interested to see the whole of Uncrowned Kings too! ~Peace~


    1. @psychedeliccolors, thank u for dropping by.
      Yes, sports anime isn’t for everyone and not every sports theme anime are likable at first instance. It took me a few episodes to get into SLAM DUNK which I loved, btw. Oofuri is the other one that I really enjoyed particularly for the characters interactions. The same can’t be said of PoT though. I never really got into that for some reason probably because of its ridiculous spin of technics. As for KuroBas, I totally love the comedic moments that involved the various characters. It is just really funny and awesome at the same time. Needless to say, the other main draw is the G.o.M players. I will be utterly happy if the mangaka ever decide to do a spin-off about the G.o.M and the years together. I’d buy the manga release for sure. 🙂


      1. psychedeliccolors

        Your welcome~
        Yeah, years ago there’s a big hype about PoT but I just cant digest it and so I gave up on sports. Lucky I’ve found Kuroko no Basuke. At least there is something decent to occupy me now.^^


  3. dream

    Kuroko no Basuke is my new animanga obsession Q________Q
    I saw on the mangafox discussion forums of fans (including me) speculating that Seirin might win & eventually play against Rakuzan in the Winter Cup. I’m not rly sure but I think Seirin would play against Rakuzan/Akashi in the Winter Cup, though if Seirin wins is something else, from what I read Rakuzan would be the monster school of all monster schools lol. Though as I said I’m not sure about these speculations; it would be nice to see the mangaka throw in some twist. I would love to see GoM play against the Uncrowned Kings too. Actually I most want to see the GoM play together again as a team. I love Seirin & want to see them win against everyone but I love the GoM the most (I love the bromance – from what I read in the light novels summaries anyway).


    1. LoL… I’m glad to see more animanga fans enjoying KuroBas.

      No harm in speculating at all. That said, with the way the manga is written, it does appear that the mangaka intend for Seirin to worm its way to the finals to play against Akashi’s team. Whether he will make Seirin win the cup is another matter. I see quite a number of people speculate that Seirin will win the Winter Cup just based on the way the manga is going. Sure they’ll have all kinds of hard slog to get the trophy but I’m not really invested in it too much…because as I said, it is way too predictable and easy. I’m sure my reaction to that is ‘Huh, that’s it? Seirin becomes the super duper team to beat in one season and puts the G.o.Ms to shame at one time. It’s an overuse trope of rookie team emerging champion, defeating more experience teams. Halting the breaks and putting some reality checks would make the manga much more exciting especially the characters disposition, expectations and interactions, not just within Seirin but the other teams with G.o.M players. So, far we’ve gotten some development in that aspects in regards to Kise’s team, Midorima’s team and in particular, Aomine’s team. The manga even had a special hot spring arc just so we get to know a bit more of Aomine’s teammates. That’s not the case in the current arc where Seirin faces off again Murasakibara’s team.

      So far, what I can gauge from the start of Seirin’s vs Yosen’s match up till the latest chapter (164), it is more focus on Kagami vs Mura and Himuro with Kuroko coming in every now and then to make his presence known. Less tactical, more heroics type of progression. I didn’t like the fact that Kagami go all *zoned* up because it doesn’t seem to flow naturally in the story as there isn’t any sort of build up except for the fact that he caught the zone act during the match against Aomine’s team. Aomine is different because he has been build up to be a naturally gifted player who has been developing his skills over a period of time and playing in more competitive matches than Kagami. It’s not so believable to see something like that in Kagami happenign when we don’t really know his history aside from the fact that he came from America. Hopefully, the mangaka won’t pull out any silly tricks that would turn KuroBas into a copy of P.o.T…a comparison which I truly dislike and dread. At the moment, KuroBas is still clean from that kind of magical abilities. 😆 Let’s hope it stays that way. No pulling stunts out of asses, please!

      OMG, speaking of the light novels, from what I’ve seen of that, is totally hilarious. Can’t help but crack up laughing. I love the G.o.Ms past and their years together. Yes, hopefully the mangaka would once again unite the G.o.M’s after the Winter Cup or do an off shoot story featuring the G.o.M…aside from the light novels where we are shown only snippets of their history.

      Ah, long response is long. 😆


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