Zero-Sum Issue 06/12 – All things K∀RNEVAL

To celebrate Touya Mikanagi’s manga ‘K∀RNEVAL‘ (カーニヴァル) getting an anime adaptation, we’re having a Zero-Sum ‘Karneval’ special. Curious?  Find out what it is after the image jump.

Here, here. What’s so special about this post? Instead of having the usual mag snippets where I share chapter teasers of selected ZeroSum manga titles, this time I’m just focusing on ‘Karneval’ as a special treat for its fandom. The treat in store is Score 56, the latest chapter from Zero-Sum’s Jun edition. Well, enjoy the Karneval peek as it doesn’t always happen this way. 🙂

As expected, KARNEVAL feat. Nai hog the spotlight on the cover of ZSum’s June issue.

The all important anime announcement

Of course, if you didn’t already know, the newest Vol. and drama CD are both out on sale

And now we come to…

: : S C O R E    5 6 : :

The chapter opens with a colour page and double spread. It’s a rather short chapter and Nai woke up after being in a near death comatose-liked state. The person waiting by his side and watching over him all this while is….Karoku. Bet no one expected this but it seems that Karoku now remember who Nai is after that dreadful attack by the animals in the alternate world. Fateful reunion ensued but in the meantime, what are the rest of the circus members and Gareki up to?

Like I said, short chapter is short. The enemy has apparently gone underground and the loli with the cat is probably heading to the Kafka’s hideout. Spy? As usual, find out next chapter in ZSum’s July issue.

On a Side Note:

A package with these titles came in the mail today. Ayu is excitably happy to receive her bundle indeed. Can’t wait to dive into the contents of my new volume acquisition. Let’s see we’ve time to share the volume scans. ^^

Clockwise L-R: UDDUP Vol.17, Tegami Bachi Vol.14, Plus-si: Sword and Cornett Vol.7 and Sakamichi no Apollon Vol.9.

2 thoughts on “Zero-Sum Issue 06/12 – All things K∀RNEVAL

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing, Ayu!!! Gareki looks kinda odd with that hairstyle XD It’s not that I don’t like it, but… it leaves me just speachless XD Karoku and Nai!! <33333


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