the future is all we have left
Image Source: Pixiv

Someday, look back
on a, young day
we shared, we learned
we had, we lost

Because you know
tomorrow had another plan
because we lose
the future is all we have left

One pain, one hope
too far, so close
we laugh, we cry
we live, we grow

because we know the future is all we have left

One day, somewhere
hold on, somewhere
we stand, we leap
we fall, we go

Because you know
tomorrow plays another hand
because we lose
the future is all we have left

We have someday
surely someday
surely someday

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4 thoughts on “Because…

  1. Really beautiful song, thanks for sharing it! btw. how do you like so far Hyouka? You didn’t include review in your last spring impression, so I after seeing your new sidebar I became interested if you got to like it 🙂


    • U r welcome. Glad you like the song.

      About Hyouka, I didn’t cover it in my Spring’s first impression post because it hadn’t aired at the time. Now that 3 episodes are out, it hasn’t really grasp me with its story as much as I thought it would. A major part of that is the really snail pace build up. The little mysteries are rather mundane things but I suppose there’s a central mystery being build up amidst the little, little things that they playing detectives with. Part of it is to do with the Classics Club and its existence. Chitanda didn’t interest me as much even if they are trying to develop an air of mystery around her. I like Oreki’s character much more. No doubt that the visuals are stunning but personally, there has got to be more than just stunning visuals to the story to make it interesting to continue watching…otherwise, it is just pretty to look at with no substance. Let’s hope there is something to all that build-up which I believe will continue in Ep 4. The thing is that I enjoy a good mystery so I’m sticking with it to see where it leads to. 😀


    • 🙂 U r welcome. The song originally came out in 2010 but it was also included in Aoi Teshima’s Collection Blue album which was released in Nov 2011, last year. I was listening to the album again & just thought this one is inspiring and it was composed by Yoko Kanno. 🙂


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