Sakamichi no Apollon 04 – Why is Jun such a scene stealer?

Because he can sing and he has charmed an Ojousama’s heart with his smooth, sexy voice and smouldering bedroom eyes….Kyaaaa. Ba-dump! Yurika appears to be smitten. Uh-oh, what’s going to happen to Sentaro if Yurika is going after Jun? Wah…bet there’s going to be more than just a few light fuses blowing up. I smell a thunderstorm brewing (please don’t ask me if one can smell a storm but if you want an answer on whether that’s possible, it’s yes ROFL). A ship is going to go down, fast!!!

A fateful meeting? Yes, you may grin like a cheshire cat if you’d figured out this was going to happen! If they are animating this part, there’s high chance we’ll get to see Jun-nii’s arc animated. Oh more Jun is more love, no?! Oui,  oui. In any case, we’ll just have to wait if the feelings here are mutual, ne.

Why don’t ya play some *White* jazz – Don’t you wish you want Sentaro to punch the lights out of the louse of an expat sailor? Someone, anyone, please dump a bucket of ice water on the racist drunkard’s head. Grrr…

But not yet, not before we let Jun sing *fangirl mode on* KYAAAAA…

Hit it Kaoru-kun

K, done with my fangirling 😆 Bye-bye! See you next episode 😛

But seriously, Episode 4 was another strong episode and my favourite one to date.

There is so much character development and we get to delve into Sentaro’s childhood. It was certainly difficult to watch Sentaro’s troubling and unhappy childhood and it is the complete opposite of what Kaoru wrongly assumed. Kaoru’s teenage immaturity and jealousy once again rears its ugly head, taking it out unfairly on Sentaro just because he didn’t get the respond he wanted from that sudden kiss he gave Ri-chan. I don’t think Sentaro ever reveal his traumatic childhood to anyone except to Ri-chan (because they were childhood friends – see the caps of their photos together). The fact that he told Kaoru about it means he truly treats him as a friend. He realized he said the wrong thing and decided to open up to him, thus the revelation. I have to add that this is a crucial factor that will play an important part later on. The same can’t be said of Kaoru’s relationship towards Sentaro. His envy held him back, that plus the fact that he seems to be rather self-centered at times. One can assumed that as long as Ri-chan did not confess her true feelings, it is going to irk Kaoru no end and affect his bromanceship with Sentaro.

This piece of music titled ‘Apollon Blue’ sums up my feelings about Sentaro’s past which shaped the current person he is, especially in the way he treats his siblings (they are actually his cousins whom he treats as his own siblings). He does try to give them a different experience, one that is filled with love, instead of the one he has gone through. It made me teary eye, really.

I have to give it to Kaoru for being so direct and earnest in being so forward with his romantic yearning… Going for the Kiss on a sudden impulse because the magical snowy mood demands it but urgh, wrong, wrong, wrong timing. I don’t think he expected a stunt, teary-eye blank look from Ri-chan. What’s worse is hearing the familiar voice of Sentaro nearby. That totally kills it for him. Ahh…I feel bad for him in that sense.

Even if he couldn’t stop himself, blaming his misfortune entirely on Sentaro is just NOOOOO. It’s a good thing Sentaro is a big softie at heart. He may not understand and is oblivious to Ri-chan’s feelings towards him that is making Kaoru edgy but he certainly didn’t want to see his friend being upset especially seeing the Christmas present he got, even though it was thrown at him. *LoL*

While it may seemed that Sen and kaoru shared a similar lonely childhood, Kaoru’s life is a whole lot better off than Sen. I don’t deny that it (their lonely childhood) is a thread that connects them together (aside from jazz music) but I can’t really feel sympathy for Kaoru in his current predicament. He came off rather standoffish. Granted, he’s starting to change little by little since he met Sentaro. Still, the one who touches me more as a character is definitely Sentaro.  Despite my initial umm… fangirling Jun-nii’s hotness, it is Sentaro that really steals this episode for me.

Now then, let us pick up the mood with some upbeat positive music!
YUKI‘s OP Song ‘Sakamichi no Melody‘ is so catchy, I can’t stop listening to it. It has been a while since I listen to anything this catchy from her. My favourite YUKI song is still ‘Wonderline‘…eh, why I no like the Honey and Clover ones…sorry, I just could not get into ‘Dramatic‘ and ‘Fugainaiya‘. The pitch on those songs kill my ears. But yeah, this one I love! Take a listen to the full version which was released on May 2, 2012.

And if we weren’t interrupted by the drunkard at Bar Stella, we would have enjoyed Mukae Tsutsumu Quartet‘s full rendition of this jazz piece titled ‘Blowin’ the Blues Away’.


To view the rest of Episode 4 Screenscaps, go to Page 2.

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