ASUKA Issue 05/12 and Uraboku Story 48 Snippets

Q: Who do we have on May’s cover of Asuka?
A: Shurei and her harem from Saiunkoku Monogatari
It’s May already and isn’t it appropriate to share snippets from the May Issue of ASUKA. It’s later than expected and I do have the current June Issue in hand as well although I won’t post teasers from that copy yet. With that said, there’s no new Uraboku chapter in the June issue. That means the Uraboku fandom will have to wait longer for the next chapter. It is one of the reason why I forgo a quick Uraboku spoiler post earlier on.  I’m not even sure if there’s a new chapter in the coming July issue. Anyway, those of you looking forward to Story 48 shall be pleased because I’m posting the chapter teasers right here.

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