News on KARNEVAL Anime, Volume 9 and Drama CD…


Another Comic Zero-sum manga is getting an anime adaptation and this time it’s KARNEVAL by Touya Mikanagi.

This little bit of news byte came on top of KARNEVAL‘s Volume 9 and the 6th Drama CD releases, which are out on sale today. Well nice timing I’d say. Anyway,the manga seems a long way from being over as we’ve not even gotten into the depths of the Varuga conspiracy and Nai‘s mysterious existence (although we’re getting some exposition on Nai and Karoku in the current arc). Depending on when the anime is coming out and where the manga itself progresses by then, I reckon it’s going to be an open ending 1-cour format at best. What interest me the most at this stage is whether the anime will retain the Drama CD casts. Will Shimono Hiro (Nai), Kamiyan (Gareki), Mamo (Yogi), Soichiro Hoshi (Karoku) and OnoD (Hirato) be replaced or will they assumed their roles in the anime? I hope Mamo return to voice Yogi because he’s absolutely perfect for that character. I mean like he can just be soooo gay with that fluid, languid personality of Yogi, can’t imagine anyone else doing it. Yup, Yogi is totally gay for Gareki and we need that uke’ish charm to come thru and Gareki can smack Yogi like a seme. Ooops! ROFL, I kid just in case any newcomers here think Karneval is Yaoi/BL or Shounen-ai…it isn’t but yeah regardless, Gareki x Yogi is my Karneval OTP. 😆

As mentioned above, Volume 9 is out and Tsukitachi (Captain of Circus 1st Ship) gets to shine on the cover. I was wondering when it’ll be his turn to get the spotlight and ta-da, he surely got it now. Btw, Animate‘s limited edition has a different cover with Karoku and niji Nai being featured.

There’s a 6th drama CD out as well. With that many drama CDs to its credit, one would sooner expect an anime to be in the pipeline and such is the case with Karneval. Basically, drama CD #6 covers Score 30-35 with the inclusion of an original mini-story that is not in the manga. So many other big named voices are on it (aside from the ones I’d already mentioned) like Yuichi Nakamura (Jiki), Junichi Sawabe (Uro), Koji Yusa (Tsukitachi) and Aya Endo (Tsukomo).

All that said, I’m sure Z-Sum will publish more details/updates of the anime in the making in their upcoming issues. Stay tune!

Source: Ichijinsha, comic natalie, frontier works.

7 thoughts on “News on KARNEVAL Anime, Volume 9 and Drama CD…

    1. Oh u no like Nai’s voice? I thought it was ok but I have to agree that Suichiro Hoshi may not be what I imagined Karoku’s voice to be. My preference for Karoku is Ishida Akira (not too deep or whiny but cunning-like). I don’t really care much for Tsubame so, I’ll leave it at that. xD


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