Quick updates from Ayu

Hello peeps! It doesn’t take a genius to notice that I’ve not been regularly posting on tBP in recent times. There are priorities in life that over ride any one’s fanciful hobbies at any one time for anybody and it is the same with me. Thus, the long absences and lack of updates. As such, you’ll find me getting into microblogging more frequently these days (see my tumblr, 😛 ). It is a quicker and shorter way of updating the fandom on what I’m up to or what holds my interest without racking my brain plus, it doesn’t take up a huge portion of time.

Here’s how I’ll organize things from now on:
The Brownie Post II – Will be maintained for existing archive, sharing of snippets from manga-mangazines, lengthier fandom-centric posts and project related stuff.  It won’t be regular but I won’t drop it (and that’s where another co-blogger would come in handy).
Aozora Dreams Live Journal – Find me here for the ani-manga community related stuff and f-locked sharing.
Sorascape (tBP on tumblr.) – Miscellaneous sharing and quick posting where I don’t have to be so wordy 😆  but not as limited by twitter.

So there. Still alive but taking a different form. 😆 We do well always to evolve when situation calls for it.

Edit, edit, edit! FIN!

Ja matta-ne!

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