Picspam of a different kind: 2012 Japan Trip Fotologue Pt.1

Departing Hong Kong en-route to Japan

Approaching Narita over the fields of farmland in Winter

At Narita Airport Terminal 2 waiting to board the NEX train

The all important NEX tix for the ride to Tokyo

A train passes by while we waited for our ride

View of the scenery from aboard the NEX express

1st meal in Asakusa, a hot steaming bowl of ramen. それはおいしいです!

At the Kaminarimon Gate: A visit to Sensoji Temple for New Year blessings.

The famous sight of the giant red paper lantern of Sensoji Temple

That’s it for the 1st batch of pics on our 1st day (I should say evening cos we arrived in the evening) in Japan. We stayed at a small but really neat hostel in Asakusa. As soon as we checked in and unloaded our luggages, we headed out into the streets looking for our first meal and thereafter paid a visit to the famed Sensoji temple and its surrounding grounds. We wandered through the Nakamise-dori and took our time gawking at the many omikuji stalls. I loved the street foods they have there and so many lovely knick knacks on offer. If I wasn’t working on keeping a strict budget, I could have ended up buying TONS of stuff from there and the possibility of going out of control is mighty high. 😛

Oh yeah, since it was New Year’s Day, there was a humongous crowd of visitors/pilgrims…throngs and throngs and endless streams of people which really adds to the incredibly lively atmosphere. Certainly gave me a sensory overload of sight, sound and smell. Loved every minute of it. Will upload more pictures of our 1st night of the New Year in Asakusa in the next post. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Picspam of a different kind: 2012 Japan Trip Fotologue Pt.1

  1. Wow, so awesome! And I bet it’s a looot cheaper for you since you flew from Hong Kong X3 I’m going to look into special offers later, coz I wanna go to Tokyo in September, but wanna make it cheap. Btw, which hostel did you stay at? I need recommendations^^


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