So, you want to know how to unmask Aya-tan?

Peeps from the notorious fandom of the Black Hawks and the 7-Ghosts, you know you want to, don’t you?

Oh yes. If you are a first timer to Ayu’s blog, you probably don’t have an inkling on what the heavens am I blabbering on…like who the beejeebus is Aya-tan?! Unless you are from the fandom of the Black Hawks and the 7-Ghosts, you’ll be totally clueless. But that’s alright. I’m sure the peeps here don’t mind siphoning the vast kor infested tales from their twisted mentalscape, even at the risk of becoming amnesiac because they so adore their shouta idol and his equally damning master of despair.  Muahahaha! *laughs evilly*

Dear me, Ayu is having some vexing fun and note that she’s only on the dot for things to do with this silly manga fandom lately. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to retire and do something else like blog about “Natsume Yuujincho-shi” (which I totally love!) or whine about how Fam of “Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing” is a totally useless character and should cede to Millia-sama as the true heroine. While I’m at it, I’m enjoying ‘Another‘ (for some chills & spills), Aquarion EVOL (gatai robot fix), Nisemonogatari (Yo, Araragi), Daily Lives of High School Boys (for hilarious habits of HS boys) and Moretsu Pirates (for some shiver me timbers vibe of a different kind).

I know you peeps are dying for the usual 07G teaser question… like who cares, ne?!  Want it, bear with it.  Let’s first check out other eye-candy updates from Monthly Comic ZeroSum‘s Feb and Mar editions while you sweat buckets anticipating the question.

Have anyone seen this double page fangurlable colour spread?
Yup, it’s the cover illustration for chapter 27 of Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist from the Feb issue of ZeroSum which featured…

Naked Ape’s DOLLS on the mag cover.

How about *THESE* colour chapter spreads?

from KARNEVAL‘s latest chapter 53

or ARE YOU ALICE? chapter 34, do you not love boy Alice’s pout?

and MAHOUTSUKAI NO NEKO chapter 24?

Hey, you might even like this fab freebie of…

Are you Alice? Vol.5 alternate jacket cover from ZeroSum

Jacket Cover: Front

Jacket Cover: Back

Needless to say, all these are available from the latest Mar edition of ZeroSum
Like them snippets, get a copy of the Mar issue at a book store near you! 🙂

Alright Mateys. Aren’t you exasperated?! Fret not because we now come to the all important 07-G brain teaser at last!

Here is this month’s question to earn you the right to unmask Aya-tan at the royal masquerade ball of 07-Ghost Kapitel 80.

A: Your answer will determine the entry to Kapitel 80

You peeps are bless with good fortune this time because it is the easiest brain teaser since I started annoying the fandom with mind games to access Ayu’s monthly 07G chapter snippets. Nonetheless, much as I enjoy torturing every one for the right to view free snippets, I hope that you have just as much fun testing and frying your brains out. Most of you are successful if not all, in getting them right anyway.

As usual, please do drop your comments and opinions in the actual chapter post if and when you made it through from here. I welcome your thoughts and discussions with one another. If I haven’t respond to your previous comments then I want to thank you and apologize for not having reply to them. However, rest assure I do read ALL of your comments despite not having time to tap a respond to each & everyone of them.