Pandora Hearts Vol.16 Regular Edition – Cover plus Inserts

Hello peeps.  Pandora Hearts Volume 16 was released on Nov-26, last month. The volume came with two cover editions i.e. the regular edition and the limited edition which comes with a drama CD. The limited edition also has a different cover art which you can see here. Frankly speaking, I don’t like the limited edition’s cover art (too flowery & odd) and I don’t really care much for the drama CD (ya, I know I such a bad fan). I prefer the cover art of Reo from the regular edition and that’s what I’m sharing this time round. Besides, it’s a lot cheaper than the CD edition…by how much? 610JPY to be exact and that is a humongous difference in monetary terms, don’t you think?!

Volume 16 contained chapters 62 to 65, which mostly entails Reo’s awakening as Glen’s chosen vessel and  revealed possibly, the biggest shocking twist in PH to date. There’s the usual amusing comic relief on the cover of the paperback volume and an extra short one page omake insert. All in all, the best volume yet because of the major reveal that changed fandom’s perception of one particular favourite character. I won’t spoil it for the assumed few who have yet to read the developments in the recent chapters.


Jacket Cover: Front with side flap
Jacket Cover: Back
Paperback Cover: Front with omake
Paperback Cover: Back with omake
Insert: Colour Page
Contents Page

….A wistful looking Jack who holds a dark, dark secret!

Insert: Omake
Bonus Illustration with Mangaka’s End Note

You may use the images for personal purpose but please do not claim them as your own and re-post them elsewhere w/o permission. It would be pitiful if you do. You may, however, link to this post for reference.

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