So you want to go to K78 Fort Barsburg and lick Aya-tan’s Black Hawks boots

First, earn yourself a cursed ticket by answering Aya-tan’s brain teaser. Fail it, shame on you. Ayanami-sama expect top apple polishers, not some incompetent black hawk wannabees or pretenders. You should know better than to fail the accursed one’s infamous test lest you want to be devoured into oblivion.

Do you want to enter the gates of Kapitel 78? If yes, then be ready to rake your mentalscape and scroll down to the question!

Before you all go any further, the image above is the cover for the upcoming 07-Ghost vol.13. The new tankoubon collection will be release on Dec-24, eve of Christmas no less. If you have some dosh saved up, that will surely be a nice Christmas pressie to have, isn’t it?

Ok, let’s not keep Aya-tan waiting!

Q: What is another word for ‘illuminate‘ ?
“The correct word (as defined by Ayu) will be your kor-infested ticket to the chapter snippets of Kapitel 78”

Got your answer? If yes, E N T E R  H E R E!

As always, be a good sport and have a little fun in solving the puzzle. It should not matter if English isn’t your first language. Don’t let it deter you from trying to solve the question. Hey, I’m not born speaking ‘Eigo’ either. Those of you who successfully gotten the answer, please remember to NOT give out the answer. That would be unfair to yourself and others who work hard to earn it. If you must help, do so indirectly. You may share clues but not the answer, ok peeps?!

If you made it through this round, please feel free to drop your comments and opinions on the chapter and discuss with others. After all, it is Ayu’s main aim for sharing the monthly chapter snippets. ENJOY!