Catching up on D.Gray-man, テガミバチ 13, Air Gear, Fall Anime etc…

I know I sound like a broken record to the regulars when I say that I’m behind on many things due to a very busy RL and such. Can’t help but bears repeating the overused reason because there are newcomers and followers to tBPII . *Waves* welcome to you peeps. Time to play catch up with *short* blurbs of what I missed.

New Manga-mag publication on the block:
This is probably old news to most of you manga-mags followers. Kadokawa Shoten recently launch a new manga magazine publication called ‘Altima Ace‘. The first issue (Nov) was released on Oct-18. Titles that premiered in the inaugural issue include ‘Trans Knight‘ by Kugayama Reki, ‘Baka ga Zenra de Yatte Kuru‘ by Hiroma/Horoto, ‘Kamisama Permanent‘ by Kondou Kazuma/Jinsei and ‘B.A.D‘ by Ayasato Keiji/Sakakibara Sousou. Since it is a bi-monthly publication, the next issue will be out on Dec-18. Here’s hoping some of you will pick ‘Altima Ace’ and take interest in the manga titles on offer.

D.GRAY-MAN – Post Alma Arc
It has been ages since I posted anything on DGM which I’m still following on and off. Hoshino Katsura clearly has her ups and downs with the story and this is reflected in the manga’s progression. Furthermore, she seems to be taking frequent breaks in between chapters. I’m not sure if that is a good sign or a bad one but whatever it is she’s going through of late, it is affecting her work on DGM. Maybe it’s about time she brought DGM to a conclusion and the change of pace in the new arc seems to be pointing to that direction.


Anyway, since the ‘Alma’ related arc ended several chapters ago, we find that Allen has left (escaped from) the Order and is being relentlessly pursued by the *apocreeper* (apocrypha) .  Bookman and Lavi are being held captive by Sheril, one of the Noahs because he is pissed that Road is missing and he badly wants to know what Road’s relationship with Nea (the 14th) is.  Link is presumed ‘dead’.  Johnny’s quitting the Order with the pretense of having to look after his mom and taking charge of business but in actual fact, he’s being a true Allen fanboy by wanting to go search for him. The Order is in a state of confusion and heightened alert after a high level breach of security that enabled Allen to escape from his holding cell. The mood of the the other exorcists and friends that Allen was forced to leave behind are mixed. Some of them called him a traitor because of his connection to the 14th but those who were closer to him, quietly and secretly support him in their hearts. Good to know he still has true friends in the Order despite being in such a sad predicament.   In the midst of all that, Kanda Yu (he’s alive) returns to the fray and he now possessed an evolved mugen.  Together with Johnny, he embarks in the search for Allen.


Ok, Chaoji is an idiot. He has conveniently forgotten that Allen saved his ass several times in the past after becoming an innocence user. The Order isn’t all nice, pretty and wonderful as their public front portrays. The higher-ups committed just as many atrocities as the Noahs in the guise of war. The apocreep is as evil as a level 4 akuma, well  a lot worse than a level 4 actually. He/it kills anything that gets in his way, good or bad. It has been hinted so strongly that there’s a 3rd side in the conflict. Allen and the 14th are probable candidates of this faction. Why do I get the feeling that Cross might be making a come back? Maybe because his body isn’t found or the *apocreeper* ate him which is unlikely. Oh ya, I think Link isn’t dead. Anyway, I want to see what happen to Allen. I wonder if he went back to mother, the place where his roots are. He needs plenty of huggles for sure.

Tegami Bachi (Volume 13) – What happened so far
Is anyone still following the manga? Well I still do and we are no where close to the ending yet but the story’s getting lots of revelation of the Government’s involvement in the existence of the artificial sun and how Lloyd is one of the first victim/test subject of the government’s secret experiment that’s link to it. It’s one of the reason why he was fired from the post of Head Bee and sought out Reverse’s leader, Lawrence, although it is likely that he has his own agenda by seemingly aligning with them. He still seems to care for the young letter bees. Too bad for Aria though as I don’t think she has a clue of what Lloyd is up to. But the prospect of Gauche/Noir running into Lloyd now seems high.


In the meantime, the rest of the Bees and town folks are fighting the cabernet gaichu that’s attacking Yuusari. The bad news is that Lag seems to have lost the will and heart to summon and use his shindan.  He was completely dispirited after failing to save Lily, a fellow Bee who was part of Lag’s team to stop the rampaging cabernet. Garrard and Hazel join the Bees and townspeople in battling the ever evolving creature. With Yuusari on the verge of being destroyed and the Bees fighting a losing battle, Garrard sacrifices himself to the unbeatable gaichuu. Will Zazie and Jiggy made it in time to save him from being devoured by the cabernet? Ah, dang cliffhanger. Now I gotta wait for the next volume release to find out what’s happening to everyone.

Air Gear – It’s Storm King vs Sky King eh?
Caught up with Chapter 335 and uhm, Sora is now a terribly overpowered demi-god type villain or some might labelled him ‘anti-hero’. WTH is OG still keeping Emily in Obama’s body? I totally dislike that body swapping and Omaha character. Honestly, I would expect to see Sleeping Forest giving a good fight but meh, having them being defeated without even going into a real battle is lame especially after investing so many chapters of building up to it. And Kilik, killing him off like that is so not going with the flow. OG is crazy. He’s all over the place with Air Gear that the recent chapters made me LOL and face-palm at the same time.


Yes, I’m still watching anime even though I don’t blog about it. There are more than a handful of series that I picked and watch from the Fall season although I catch the episodes much later after they aired with the exception of one. That’s because Animax is simulcasting the series same time it airs in Japan. xD Count me lucky. To find out which series I’m talking about, see my watch list below.

– This is the one series that I watch as it airs and I’m really enjoying Fam’s adventure so far. I don’t really care much for the comparisons between this new series and the original Last Exile. I’m watching and appreciating it on its own merit. It’s nice to see a different world setting with flying ships and air scooters…er, vespas. Reminds me much of Nausicaa and The Valley of the Winds. Oh, the music is an awesome listen. I want the OST. So yeah, it has been my favourite of the Fall picks.

– I actually detest the F/SN anime series but Fate/Zero is the complete opposite and I find it totally engaging to watch. The best part is that the characters are all adults, not some whiny teenage brats. So it is quite a refreshing change from the F/SN anime. I like all the malicious secret scheming and dark brooding atmosphere the series portrays and it is keeping me rooted to see how everything plays out. The music is good but not the best one of Fall. I like LE’s and GC’s music more.

– I watch this because I enjoy mysteries even though they are not your overly difficult to solve type of cases. It is the characters that run around trying to solve them that made it amusing for me. The main character isn’t a know it all either although he seemingly tries to act like one. 😆

– The only ‘slice of life’ Fall anime I’m catching on a week to week basis. The best part of the series are the characters, not so much the game of Karuta. After all, the story is about the growth and friendship of the 3 main characters as they plod on and struggle through the ups and downs of their lives and finding a common ground in the game of karuta. The other 2 ‘slice of life’ series I plan to watch after they ended are Tamayura~Hitotose and Kimi to Boku.

– What’s not to like when there’s suspense, paranoia and wacko characters driving the story, keeping one entertained, eh? I won’t say that this is a stellar adaptation but thus far, the anime managed to keep the gist of the manga together. Would prefer if the they flesh out the different characters a bit more. I didn’t think much of the ‘romance’ aspect either because I happen to not like the two leads. Weird eh?!

– My question is, ‘Is there really a crown involved that made the bearer guilty?’ But anyway, I watch this for the gorgeous visuals and production values. The music is awesome as well. The characters not so much, neither is the story so far but I’m hoping it’ll go beyond the fan-service pandering that the anime seems to be giving out and episode 5 is a step in the right direction. Ayase is my favourite female character after this episode. xD And yes, I’ll buy the OST when it is out.  Hiroyuki Sawano scores another fab soundtrack after ‘Ao no Exorcist’ and is currently my favourite composer of 2011.

Anima Festival Asia 2011:

It is a pity that I wasn’t able to attend the AFA11 which was held at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore. I booked most of my remaining leave of the year for my upcoming visit to Japan. Heading out to Singapore for the anicon was out of the question. Needless to say, there’s still next year and hopefully I’ll be able to catch the next one.

Oh wow, it took me nearly 3 days to complete this post seeing as I’m so easily distracted from focusing on it by my love of reading. Anyway, that’s a wrap peeps. Until next time, Enjoy! ^_^

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