Where are the teasers for 07-Ghost Kapitel 75?

Monthly 07-G fandom gripes and rambles

Where oh where are they? I’m talking about the latest 07G chapter spoilers. Aren’t they supposed to be up somewhere? I’ve been searching everywhere but no luck. Oh…don’t tell me to go to LJ because I can’t see them.  I don’t have an LJ account and it’s too bothersome to have one when I don’t use it for anything.  I don’t understand the rules of joining the 07G community either. They’re too complicated for my simple mind. Nah, someone, anyone, PLEEEEAAASSE pray tell where I can see them. I honestly won’t ask for much…just a teeny weeny peek will make me spoiled happy, at least till the translated chapter comes out.

*POOF* *Magical fairy dusts sparkled*



K, this probably won’t work with those who’ve already been spoiled rotten from the early teasers available elsewhere. These are meant for those in the fandom who are regulars of my blog and have lurked in wait for my monthly 07-G chapter snippets. I’m rather late this time and if you’re one of those who had check out this site, you’ll know I’d been away. But I’m back and had all my magazines sent to me immediately upon my return. It’s so good to have all the manga goodies to check out. I’m not even done reading thru the load yet. At least, I’m getting 07-Ghost Kapitel 75 up for those wanting my version of the teasers. Additionally, fans of Z-Sum should be glad to know that I’ll be sharing snippets from the Oct issue. Stay tune for further updates, ya! ^_-

My belated thoughts:
We finally get to see Mikage’s younger siblings. The little brother resembled him a lot, minus the cross-shaped scar of course. Ah, I still don’t like the way Teito is being lead to believe how Mikage died. It’s sad to see him with fake memories and not knowing his beloved friend had been reincarnated as *Burupya*. Nonetheless, he is still crushed by Mikage’s death. So, we are all correct that Aya-tan is behind Oak’s *accidental* death. He is deftly getting rid of obstacles in his path to obtain his body. Miroku probably suspect something fishy with Oak’s demise. But what’s with Teito’s reaction when he touched the precious stone? Could it be connected to the cursed ticket and god house of the 1st District? If he wasn’t captured and brainwashed by Aya-tan, that is what he is supposed to look for….but ah, what’s going to happen to his failed mission then? I missed Frau actually and what happen to the other two i.e. Castor and Lab after the race. Will Hakuren and Mikage find a way to meet Teito? Let’s hope to see more reveal in the coming installment. So then, what are your comments on the the latest developments in the latest chapter?


Ah, Shuri! Whatcha gonna do now that your ol’man is gone? No more favours to be gained!

Hell ya, he trips, fell and drowned. That’s just so comical.
What an undignified way to die for someone who is so proud of his high stature, eh?!

This butler looks awfully familiar, don’t u think so?

He is the spitting image of his older brother… kawaii, ne

This sad and sullen face screams for *huggles*

Yes boy, let it all out…bawww!!! Here’s hoping you get even a teeny shred of your sealed memories from bawling that hard.


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17 thoughts on “Where are the teasers for 07-Ghost Kapitel 75?

  1. hikaru

    Thanks for sharing Ayu! I must admit that I’ve been lurking around your site, waiting for 07 Ghost snippets. And my wait is finally over! 🙂

    Mikage’s younger siblings are soooo cute! But didn’t he have an older brother? The one responsible for his scar, if I remember correctly. It’s so sad how Teito has to feel pain for Mikage’s death again and how he has forgotten that his redemption is to keep on living.

    Back to the Oaks, I agree that maybe that ring is related to the god house and Teito’s search for the cursed tickets. Wait, wasn’t Hakuren the older among the Oak siblings? I wonder who among them is one of the seven ghosts. *thinks*

    And it’s great to see Kal again, still lurking behind Chairman Miroku. I wish he had more screen time. And of course, we need to see what happened to Frau, Castor, and Lab.


  2. Ohh, its a pity general oak is dead… not! I really didn’t like that shady character and he did suspect that Ayanami would try to kill him. Well take that Oak, I bet that you didn’t know what hit you. And speaking of the way he died… do you think that Miroku is capable to see the wires(?) that choked the general? Cause not everyone can see them, Teito and the others can, Hakuren not so much (I remembers that he glimpsed them at a time but then when he looked again he didn’t so I not so sure about him), I bet Ouka can – being the Raphael mistress and all. So I guess that he suspects that Ayanami is guilty and 1) has no prof and has his guard up in case he is next or 2) he know Ayanami is guilty cause he’s in the plan or 3) he was in the plan but now Ayanami will double cross him.

    OMG that butler is a Mikage close… and damn, for a lawyer family they live good…. so jealous. I want a house like that. Mikage’s siblings are so cute!!!! I wonder what they are talking about… so curious.

    And then we have the earring Ouka gave Teito (it is the same isn’t it? It looks like it to me but I can be wrong)- I wonder what was Ayanami reaction when he saw that… because he had to recognize it right? Since it was a jewel from the royal family it should be super important and valuable. But what the hell does he want with it? Now I’m totally clueless and I didn’t really got what happened when Teito touched it. Did it burned him or something? :S

    I’m really anxious about this chapter. I already know it will be bittersweet but I can help it but be super excited because its in this kind of chapters (and the ones of actions) that important pieces of the plot are reveled.

    Thank you for posting this and I hope that your vacations were good. Believe if I had the money to travel I would run around the world a couple of times before coming back 😉 there’s so much to see and learn. But enough ramble of my part.

    Bye bye


    1. Vampirecat

      For me, that butler looks like the Ghost who led Vertag and Tiashe from Krat House to the next God House (in ch.53?) and is probably one of the Ghosts who went undercover and incommunicado.

      Also, what Teito dropped was a ring given by the Oak family in return for the funeral offering given at General Oak’s burial. The earring Ouka gave him doesn’t have those wing-like swirls at the top and bottom. The ring seemed to respond to Teito, as it was releasing zaiphon.

      Oh, thanks for the snippets, Ayumikat!


      1. @vampirecat, you’re welcome. I’m happy to share snippets with the manga fandoms.

        The stone seemed to resonate with Teito and I supposed it’s a possible clue that Oak’s house is the next God house Teito is suppose to visit after Krat’s. I wonder what’s going to happen since he’s completely mind-wiped and doesn’t recall a thing about his plan to destroy Verloren. Let’s hope for more reveal in the coming chapter.


  3. Anna

    I think the Author will have one event restore all of the memories ayanami erased since it would take forever for him to learn what he did already. I really want that earing ouka gave him to come into play sooon! Also according to the last chapter ‘s translation theres going to be a masqurade party! I bet hakuren will try to contact teito there and maybe ouka will try to talk to him too. I wonder if millitary personell are allowed to a politial party like that, except for like security or something? Oh & THANK YOU!!!<3


  4. Marika

    Oh lol you, I laughed when you said you didn’t have an LJ-account- You’re hilarious xD
    I like your spoilers better because of the better quality 😀 oh and there’s a real crying Shuri there aww, does Teito try to comfort him I wonder?
    Indeed it looks comical when Wakaba falls into that pond, makes me wonder what he’s saying.. and if Miroku is truly on Ayanami’s side or against him.. I remember that Miroku and Ayanami had planned to do a coup d’etat against the army.. wonder how that will be revealed..


  5. Poor Shuri… ._. I didn’t like his father but I’m sad for him…
    Mikage’s family seems to be adorable, the little sister and the little brother are cute… Teito is swept away by his own emotions but I think that the way to retrieve his memories is still long, and Ayanami is wily, one day we’ll see Miroku dead LOL!


  6. buzza

    OMG, thanks as usual for the snippets!!! >__<~ ❤
    Really looking forward to know more of the story. Poor Teito, finally he knows that Mikage is gone. Really so sad for him, though I really expect him to gain a bit memory from this event. Miss to see how's Frau doing rite now though. Anyway, thank you once again for this!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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