From the desk: Baack from my holiday :)

If anyone wondered why there isn’t any activity on tBPII or nary a tweet from me for the past one week, it’s because I’ve been on an eagerly awaited and much needed holiday. In fact, I’d gotten back only yesterday. It feels fab to be away from any form of internet communication during the break. All I did was relax and enjoy myself, being with friends and family, without a care in the world really. It was a total blast. I also had the best surprise birthday present ever and that’s a stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with a breathtaking 5-star view of the bay (from the 24th floor). What more could a girl asked for? How about an all day pass at Universal World plus a 2 nights stay at the Swiss MÖvenpick Heritage Hotel? I’m floored by all the surprises but it was the funnest time I had in a long, long while. On that note, I want to thank those of you who’ve sent me birthday wishes. ❤ ^_-

Here’s a postcard view from my room at Tower 1 of S’pore’s Marina Bay Sands which I took with my camera.

Mini Blog Update:
Lots of stuff are on hold while I am on my break but fret not, I’ll be resuming my fangurling hobby on tBPII soon enough. That said, expect my mag snippets to be delayed while I get up to speed on my mags. Peeps looking forward to 07-Ghost new chapter spoilers will have to wait a little longer…well, at least till the 1st week of September or you could always check out the 07-G LJ Community where I’m sure someone would have shared the latest chapter spoiler pics from other sources by now.  In any case, I haven’t seen them either. I’m hoping to catch up with Natsume Yuujinchou San and chat about it as well. Hopefully things will get back to normal again when my mind decides to descend from cloud 9. 😆

4 thoughts on “From the desk: Baack from my holiday :)

  1. Blog re-design! Yay! Bigger, better, bolder! 😀

    ahaha What awesome banners you have! The one with bathtub is priceless lol

    Excellent photo – it does look like a postcard! I hope you came back rejuvenated from the break and your life is a not as hectic now 🙂


    1. Ah Yes! Big and bold fonts…hahaha so that viewers won’t get eye problem reading small fonts.
      XD Bathtub banner ftw.
      Rejuvenated, yes. Less hectic, no. If anything, I’m busier as ever. 😛
      But I’m so looking fwd to the upcoming Winter break ^_^


    1. @Sapphire:
      Thank you. Yup, it was a very enjoyable break.
      I’ve been testing out a few layouts and I think I’ll stick to this one as it turns out to be the most suitable. Blue is always fab. 🙂


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