A 2nd edition of ani-music selections to wind down to after a maddening day…

Music Post!


I did a similar ani-music compilation like this a while back and here I am with another fresh selection of tracks that I deemed as music to lighten the mood and ease one’s frenzied mind into a relaxing mode after a hard day’s slog. As before, I pick 10 tracks and each of them are from an anime soundtrack, composed by various composers. Of course, it is only natural that they are the ones I find enjoyable as stand alone pieces.  My idea of music to wind down to, are devoid of anything raunchy or loud and it is reflected in the pieces I have chosen for this post.  This tired mind likes to savour, quiet pleasant moments sprinkled with light notes of pick-me -ups. There’s a couple of decent old favourites but most are from fairly recent releases that are on my OST playlist.

So then, let the music speaks for itself…

Track 01: Fugaku
Anime: House of Five Leaves
Composer(s): Konishi Kayo, Kondo Yukio

~ A track taken from one of my favourite OST of the past year which I took an immediate liking to and is a most soothing opening piece, one that evokes a feeling of watching the sunset in the distant horizons, signalling the end of another day.

Track 02: Watashi ni Koi wo Sasete Kure nai ka
Anime: Arakawa Under the Bridge
Composer(s): Masaru Yokoyama

~ I cannot help but love this adorable, lively piano piece. The notes are playful with a touch of whimsy that delights and amuses at the same time.

Track 03: Chain [Underwater Mix]
Anime: Air Gear
Composer(s): Skankfunk

~ An old favourite that always made me feel as if one is soaring thru the air like the AG riders. Hey, I want my wings too. ^_^

Track 04: Night Cruise
Anime: Darker Than Black
Composer(s): Yoko Kanno

~ One of the two old favourites in this selection is by Yoko Kanno, a track she composed for ‘Darker Than Black’ and is taken off the special edition CD that is made available only in the DVD/BR released of the anime. The jazzy feel of this cruise-worthy track is smooth and smexy.

Track 05: Little Lady 2
Anime: Kuroshitsuji Season II
Composer(s): Iwasaki Taku

~ I thought it amazing that Iwasaki Taku can compose such a pretty and delightful *afternoon tea* piece. The piano melody is instantly catchy and memorable. Needless to say, it’s my favourite track from KSII Ost.

Track 06: After the Shower
Anime: Amagami SS
Composer(s): Toshiyuki Omori

~ A gentle and sentimental piano piece that seemed to convey one’s wistful emotion.

Track 07: Watashi no Theme (Piano Version)
Anime: Tatami Galaxy
Composer(s): Oshima Michiru

~ I can’t leave this out seeing as this a personal favourite of mine and one of the most beautiful reflective piece of music composed by Michiru Oshima for an anime (imo).

Track 08: Toui Sora e (Main Theme)
Anime: Yosuga no Sora
Composer(s): Manack, Bruno Wen-li
**I couldn’t find this track on Youtube so just click on the image to listen to the audio.
~ While I find the anime lacklustre, the music though is a different matter. The OST is a most pleasant listening experience if you enjoy quiet, calm pieces but it is the main theme with the opening strains of the piano that caught my ear and tug at my emotion.

Track 09: Last Train Home
Anime: Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae Wa Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai
Composer(s): Remedios

~ This contemplative piece is from the soundtrack of a recently aired anime that I actually enjoyed watching. What a nice track to knock off to after a hectic day’s work. It’s like saying ‘shut the pc, turn off the lights, time to pack up and go home’.

Track 10: Ao no Exorcist DEVIL 2nd Movement ‘I-AM’
Anime: Ao no Exorcist
Composer(s): Hiroyuki Sawano

~ It’s always a bonus to end the day on a promising note with the hope to begin anew again the next day, much like what ‘I-AM’ evokes. I’m just chuffed that I get to end this selection with a Hiroyuki Sawano composition. He’s currently my favourite composer of the year for what I think is one of his most excellent OST album yet. ^o^

This has been a fun musical outing for me.  I hope it’s just as fun for others wafting their ears through the soundtrack palette on offer. ^_^

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