A Celestial Sojourn: Music from Starry Tales

Sometime ago, I did a post about Kagaya Studio’s new CG planetarium show called ‘Tales of the Stars‘.  Well, Kagaya recently released an original soundtrack album from the show titled ‘Starry Tales Soundtrack‘.  The album featured 17 tracks in total. These include 3 vocal tracks performed by Origa.  The music is composed by Yoshiki Hoshi who’s better known as Himekami. Most of the bgm compositions are short variations of the two central themes i.e ‘Under the Starry Sky‘ and ‘Mythological Space‘. The best part of the album has to be the songs, specifically the ‘REMIXES’. The remix versions of the theme song ‘Starry Tales‘, ‘Wings of Freedom‘ and ‘Shining Future‘ far eclipsed their original arrangements. Thus, they are my top picks from the album.  Check out the music clips after the image cut. ^_-

Album Title: Starry Tales Soundtrack [スターリーテイルズ]
Composed by: Yoshiki Hoshi [HIMEKAMI]
Performed by: HIMEKAMI, Origa, Toru Kawamata, HIMEKAMI Strings
Arranged by: Daishi Dance, Language, Takashi Watanabe, Mitsuto Suzuki
Produced by: KAGAYA & Takaki (KAGAYA Studios), Yoshiki Hoshi (HIMEKAMI)
Release Date: Jun 01, 2011
Buy it at: amazon.co.jp

If you’re wondering what kind of music you’ll get from this album, I’ve included some music clips that will enlighten the curious. Because the music is composed for the CG animated planetarium show ‘Starry Tales‘ and it’s theme of ‘heavenly bodies’, one can expect *New Age-Ambient-Spacey* type of compositions/ arrangements that goes to match the theme of the show and are meant to work with the visuals or imagery. In other words, they don’t appeal very much as stand alone pieces. However, the vocal tracks on the other hand, are the exceptions. The 3 songs featured are the titular theme song ‘Starry Tales’, ‘Wings for Freedom’ and ‘Shining Future’.

While I enjoy listening to Origa’s contribution to the vocal tracks, I do find them a little on the short side. The original arrangements of the songs fail to do what the ‘remixes’ did, that’s elevating them up several notches on the aural plane by adding life and depth to the tracks with funky chill-out grooves and beats, making the extended versions sound richer, more celestially inspired rather than staid and average. To put it simply, the remixes of the 3 vocal tracks are awesome as stand alone tracks and made up for what is lacking in the originals.

T13: Starry Tales feat. Origa ~Dashi Dance Remix

I strongly favour the Daishi Dance remix ‘electronica’ version of ‘Starry Tales‘ with the piano and percussion intro. The arrangements allowed the music and melody to stand out without the annoying special effect sounds of the original version which makes it so noisy and cluttered. The remix version is cleaner and well suited to Origa’s floaty vocals. Of course, the thumping bass and drum beats made this one catchy remix.

T14: Wings of Freedom Feat. Origa ~Language Remix

Now, this is my absolute favourite of the three remixes. Sit back, relax, we are cruising on auto-pilot. Let the music takes you on a celestial flight of fantasy through the fascinating vastness of your mentalscape. xD The ‘Language’ remix arrangement totally take ‘Wings of Freedom‘ to a whole different level of sound that incorporate electronica, ambient, new-age and chill-out groove that’s so very pleasant to listen too. I can’t stop having repeat listens to it. Imo, the standout track of the album.

T16: Shining Future feat. Origa ~Mitsuto Suzuki Mix

While the original version exudes a mellower sound, the remix version of ‘Shining Future‘ shines with it’s futuristic journey into the starry heavens and that’s what Mitsuto Suzuki succeeded in projecting with his excellent remix of Himekami’s composition. Origa’s voice really sounds heavenly here.

T1: Under the Starry Sky

Ah, betcha have a starry dream or two in your sleep, no?!

T2: Mythological Space

T3: Wings of Freedom feat. Origa – Original version

T4: Silver People

T6: Astraea

T12: Shining Future feat. Origa – Original version

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