Blurbs on 07-Ghost Kapitel 72 and 73

My copy of Zero-Sum August issue arrived today. I’m pleased with this issue because it is packed with lots of new manga one shots. I’ve no doubt my team mates from TZA will be happy with these load of goodies. 😀


Edit 3: More brownies have been awarded means more spoiler pics are up! xD

One of them is darkness personifies, the other is the light that is shrouded by that darkness. Will the light pierce thru the darkness?

07G - Kapitel 72 and 73 C (1)

But of course, every one else from the 07-G fandom is interested in only one thing – the snippets of the latest chapters. Well I have a new game to play with you lurkers. Before I even post ANY teasers from the double chapters of 07-Ghost (yes that’s right, we have 2 back to back but very short chapters), I’m inviting you to drop me your speculative comments and opinions about what you think had actually happened to Teito after he was captured by Ayanami. And please don’t try to be smug by asking me to read the comments and feedback at the other 07-G forums or even at the LJ site. I’m going to stick specifically to your responses on tBP, no where else.  Lurkers from Chinese 07-G community, you are welcome to drop you thoughts in Chinese. Don’t be shy because I do know that you peeps lurk here often. 🙂

Depending on the degree of your opinions and how close you hit home to the revelation in these 2 chapters, I’ll release the teasers right after that.

But of course, I’m not going to leave all you 07-G lurkers hanging while you share your thoughts on the matter. I’m sure you’re dying to know what’s happening in the new chapters. So imma gonna tease you a wee bit.

  • Teito ponders, flashbacks of Mikage
  • Ayanami is in the lab with that clown face again…
  • Uwaaa….MICHAEL
  • Noooo….don’t step on him with your big boots.

I wonder if some of you could guess what’s that all about 😆 but that pretty much sums up the very short chapters aptly.  No kidding. 😆

Edited: Most of the posters who have commented so far are barking up the wrong tree. What I’m asking is what do you think happen to Teito after he got captured. I’m not asking you to guess what the new chapters are about.  Don’t base your speculation on the chapter teasers but on what we’ve seen from Kapitel 70-71.  Do you think that Teito is dreaming? Is it an illusion? Has he been brainwash? Do you think what we’ve seen in Kapitel 71 takes place for real or is it all a fake illusion?  I’m interested in knowing your thoughts on that because Chapters 72 & 73 will confuse you peeps even more between what is real and what is not!

Edit 2: Awww…more lovely responses and this time, y’all get my drift. Therefore I will award more cookies to some of you – that means more teasers will be up real soon. ^_^

Note: To lurkers who’ve read or seen spoilers from elsewhere, please do kindly SHUT your trap! Let’s not spoil it for others who’ve yet to come across them.


Poster #1 (RandomUser) got a special cookie

07-Ghost Volume 12 Tankoubon will be out on JULY-25
A larger pic of the cover art but in b+w. Love it. I’d buy it just for the cover art… 😛 (j/jkg)


Reminder: 許可なく画像を転載しないでください. ただし、このサイトにリンクすることができます/ 请不要在其他地方张贴图片 BUT 您可以链接到这个网站, K?








**Let’s see if there’re more brownies to be awarded before I release teasers of Kapitel 73!  Nothing comes free!

Edit 4: Too bad, most of you chose to lurk & leech. I’m not going to be generous this time.  Sadly, I could have added additional spoiler pics but because you peeps aren’t a sporting bunch, you’ll get just these!



Now that you’ve seen the spoiler pics, what did you perceive from the two chapters? Feel free to expound though I don’t expect much more than what I’ve gotten from  the earlier posters.  That said, don’t expect the *translated chapter* to come out any time soon while I evaluate certain matters with my LJ collabs.

On a related note, I wish to share a piece of good news with fans of 07-Ghost who wants to buy the ‘licensed’ English volumes of the manga. I’m aware that some of you out there has the impression that 07-Ghost isn’t licensed because it has been dropped or what not.  It may have been dropped by the American publishers but it has been picked up by an Asian publisher based in Singapore. Chuang Yi Publishing is the license holder for the English releases of 07-Ghost. They’ve so far released up to Volume 7 with Volume 8 coming out in August July. **Edit: Yay! Volume 8 in English is out! Judging from the speed of their releases, they aren’t that far behind the Japanese tanks. I’ve heard that their quality is far better than the American releases. You peeps might want to try them out. They do accept overseas orders and shipped internationally. You can make payments via paypal or by credit cards.  For more info on the steps & method of purchase, please read my post here.  Now that you know, perhaps you can understand why I’m opposed to fan scanlation of licensed material being uploaded to public sharing sites….and that includes Manga Fox! You’re highly encouraged to support the mangaka and publishers by buying the official releases!

You may use the images for graphical purposes, etc but please do not claim them as your own and re-post them elsewhere w/o permission. It would be pitiful if you do. You may, however, link to this post for reference.

44 thoughts on “Blurbs on 07-Ghost Kapitel 72 and 73

  1. So, ive been wondering when and if these chapters were going to come out seeing as how in 2009 the anime went off air and there is not a season 2 out and its 2011. I did some research and found this post and now i am very excited seeing as how this proves that its not over just yet. This makes me extremely happy. So heres some of my thoughts.

    What of Taito and Frau’s relationship as far as the soul stuff? Im wondering whats going to happen as far as that goes.

    And as for the illusion….im pretty sure that seeing as how Taito’s in a lab that he is under some kind of illusion. Im wondering what he is going to do, seeing as how it seems as if Taito’s starting to think about Mikage. Does anyone think that Taito might turn against Frau and Co.? Im hoping not but it could happen couldnt it? Ah, anyways, ill check in every now and then.


  2. aerish

    i think this all wasn’t just an illusion.. O_O well, obviously since michael’s eye is there and aya-tan is stepping on him!!.. but.. this would be good.. teito being reunited with the eye of michael.. then he not remembering what happened.. will unconciously go to the god house of the first district and then *poof* he’ll obtain fragment of memories and then all of the memories of the pass months.. xDD

    simple idea though.. and i still want to think of how frau and the others are doing.. ^^


    1. @aerish,
      Teito is currently living in a make believe atmosphere where everyone pretends to be nice to him. The truth is pretty much twisted. How long can Ayanami suppress his memories before it all comes back to him…guess we’ll find out the coming chapters.


  3. Fuming Fangirl

    Poor Teito, Ayanami needs to learn where not to put his feet! And Teito is NOT where he should put those Military boots of his! Frau, please save Teito!


  4. thenihal8989

    my english isn’t the best, but i try to write somethink that make sence…:) hmm, ok,…i dont think, that teito is being trainwashed, i think that aya-tan…sealed his memories…, thanks to the flashbacks, you can see he realy didn’t do a great job… 🙂


  5. Shikki

    I kind of want to mention that though I do check here when the chapter snippets go up, I prefer to save my discussion for when I actually know what’s going on. 8|a I know I’ve definitely been spoiled by looking at these, but I don’t feel totally spoiled and up to date until the scanlation s out and I’ve read and reread everything there is to read. I think the reason the discussion didn’t quite take off is because other people may prefer to do the same?

    That said, I’m pretty sure Shuri’s going to open his big yap and screw everything up. Stupid sparkly bastard.


  6. I can totally cheat since I live in Japan so have already read the new chapters (though my Japanese sucks so I’m beyond confused about some parts), but because I lurk here every so often, and I liked the game idea (even though the snippets have already been released) I will play.

    Here was my theory after chapter 71
    Teito has been brainwashed!!! *le shock* He will run into Ouga or Hakuren at some point and this will begin to trigger he memories, so he starts to doubt the Black Hawks. Then he has a total recall, freaks out (he likes to do that) and end up imprisoned. But Hakuren and Ouka break him out and take him to the eye. He syns with Michael and escapes, just as Frau appears to rescue him. Somewhere along the way he picks up the District 1 ticket.

    Obviously this theory has now changed somewhat, but I don’t want to give away spoilers (and without the translation I can’t check my crappy Japanese anyway) so I won’t say my new theory.


  7. Hy! Let me take a part in this little game.
    Although I just commented it today^^

    Well, in my opinion, After Teito was captured by Ayanami,
    he was placed in some place like an incubator/laboratorium.
    Then, Aya-tan used the power of controlling souls from Castor-san to manipulate Teito’s sense.

    So, I think everything was ‘fake’ for Teito :pp

    That’s all from me. Thank you :))


  8. Animemaniac001

    Oh, I’m sorry I took so long to post a review, but I was busy until last friday with exams and then the weekend got in the way and (as if I didn’t have anything better to do) paperwork from my school arrived for me to do (boooorrrriiinnnggggg), so no time for internet.~

    Teito is so cute in uniform, but I don’t really believe that he’s living an ilusion. Ayanami wouldn’t be that kind 😉 *wink* but I guess the first thing he did was taking Teito to an exam to see if he could use the eye for the military (as if… Mikhael, it seems is pretty stubborn and loyal to Teito – uncontrolled – only). Well, at least we see some action, and Teito seems to be struggling to recover his memories. It seems Ayanami can’t do a perfect job after all but all good for me…. Two chapters in a row… pretty!! (it’s true that both have only 30 pages?… Aww, so little but at least the author was king to pulish both)

    Thank you for the snippets. They are really apreciated (Konatsu action! Way ;D)

    And I really sorry for the short review. My time is very limited at the moment.
    Kiss Kiss
    Ja ne


  9. hikaru

    An interesting game to put up for fans like us, Ayu. So here goes my speculations: I think Ayanami brought Teito straight to the labs right after he captured him. He got the Eye of Mikhail to try and open Pandora’s box from right under the military’s nose. However, knowing how loyal Mikhail is to his master, Mikhail will try and fight back. And before things could get worse, Ayanami got the Eye back. Teito’s regressed memories could have been an after effect of this move.


  10. Hmm~ I have to say that I couldn’t resist and watched your spoilers XD (Sorry! I was dying to know what happened ;__; ) but I will say what I thought first.
    I… I thought that Teito kun will wake up and find uot that everything is a bad dream and that he’s again next to Frau and not in the Black Hawks ;___; Ok, that’s such an awful story but it was really a shock to me to know that, after aaaaaall the effort Teito kun made to remembered aaaaall the things is his past, now he can’t remember anything?! That’s too unfair T___T
    Thank you, thank you very much!! You don’t know how much I appreciate this spoilers, you bring light to my day (oh, such a fangirl, sorry~ XD) ^_^


  11. Fyreink

    I think that Teito has been brainwashed, or like they did with (and are continuing to do to) Ouka. Seems as though the Black Hawks are ordered to behave as though they like him and are part of a team. I don’t think he’s dreaming but feeling dazed and disoriented.


    1. Indeed, that’s what most of the fans think too that Teito’s memories has been tempered with. However, the last chapter begs the question of whether what we viewers/ readers see is all inside Teito’s mind or he’s a walking zombie. I would have said more but that would reveal too much of the new chapters. xD


  12. Pumpkin

    Just like others already guessed I too think that Teito will have some major interactions with Shuri that will eventually lead him to doubt Aya-tan & co. and maybe get some of his memories back. On the other hand I don’t think that Teito will be reunited with Michael that quickly, so that will probably happen farter… (also because he still need the ticket from the 1st district, which he’ll probably get during his “stay” :D)
    Btw, about the “stepping on” part, I hope it’s Aya-tan stepping on Hyuuga 😀
    I can sooo picture the scene XD


    1. @pumpkin

      On the other hand I don’t think that Teito will be reunited with Michael that quickly…

      I agree with your speculative assumption, even more so now that I’ve seen the new chapters.
      *Awards* cookies to pumpkin for this thought.


  13. Dorothy

    Oh, my!! XD
    Ayu, you really made me laught with
    “Well I have a new game to play with you lurkers.”

    About the last chapter I read…
    I think it’s a dream. Isn’t Haruse dead or I’m drunk? O_o Maybe Teito is dreaming what Ayanami is inserting in his mind… in order to use Michael as he wants?
    The fact that Hyuga is perfectly ok is the other thing that lets me think that this is a dream… Frau is wounded and since the battler against Castor wasn’t that easy, I thought he was more… hem… pained that the usual, happy Hyuga that offered candies to Teito!

    Definitely, I think something like “Teito is in an incubator and Ayanami is changing his memories”! >.>

    The cover of the volume is adorable! ♥


    1. Isn’t Haruse dead or I’m drunk?

      THIS is the question that’s been bugging many fans out there. Well we all know that Teito incubates Ayanami’s soul. Although to what end does he intend to play around with Teito to achieve his purpose of getting his soul back, we’ll have to wait and see. Aya-tan is really making good use of ‘Castor’s’ powers.


      1. Dorothy

        I hope that Haruse won’t be like Rei Ayanami! XD

        Thank you so much for the snippers!! 😀 Konatsu seems to want to be close to Teito LOL! XD
        About Ayanami… maybe Michael could involve him in Teito’s illusion and breaking it? I really can’t image! O_o


  14. madbunny

    i already knew it all is just a make up illusion by someone in chapter is all an illusion and fake make up by those scientist i think.Teito is trap in some illusion and memories are being brainwash just for easy control.
    < this is what i think that are happen on those chapters , no angry or something 😀 * sorry for bad grammers *.


    1. @madbunny
      no worries dear. I’m happy that you take time out to take part in this little game. ^_^
      What you’re saying could be possible. Part of it could be an illusion or part of it could be implanted into his mind.


  15. Akane

    I’m dying to know what’s going to happen!
    Mmmm… I think this isn’t an illusion… Ayanami caught Teito and then sealed his memories. He didn’t even remember who Ayanami was, and I think two months is a way too short space of time for everything to happen from the middle of the graduation exam until now. Ayanami must have lied to him (that’s really obvious… it’s Ayanami after all).
    Teito was with the Black Hawks, and since Ayanami promised Miroku and Wakaba Oak he would caught the vessel of the Eye of Michael, he told them he caught Teito and they sent him to the laboratory to synchronize him with the Eye, brainwash him (like they did to Ouka) and then control him. My guess is that Michael tried to attack/destroy somebody/something (maybe the laboratory, like Ouka) and Ayanami (since he’s really strong) supressed him on the floor (with his feet…how cruel!) (T_T).
    That’s my guess. Hope I’m right! (^_^)


    1. Now we’re getting somewhere. *Gives* cookies to Akane-chan for catching the drift.
      I think we can all agree that Aya-tan did something to Teito’s memories. What he knows now is not exactly the truth because his memories has been tempered with. How the rest of the Black Hawks acted so friendly towards him is so unreal and whether this is all in his mind or in his waking moments is open to debate, especially with what goes on in new double chapters.


  16. Catherine

    umm~let me see how to say .I think it is Too sudden for me.may ayanami will open the box .but why he didn’t do it when he captured teito. and miroku hope to coup with royal。I think frau will rescue teito before ayanami open the Pandoras box. may Randkalt and EA will appear and help frau rescue teito
    XD~these are my opinion.(my english is I can’t express my thoughts better 。please don’t care it


    1. @Catherine,
      Your English is fine. I think many peeps will conclude that Ayanami is trying to find a way to get his soul back. It’s a given why he wants Teito so badly.


  17. Lou

    I’m really hoping that in Ayamani’s attempt to unite Teito with Michael for his own evil doings, Michael restores Teito’s memories – up until the point when he was snatched away – causing Teito/Michael to go berserk, but alas Ayanami is just too much for him.


    1. @lou,

      I’m really hoping that in Ayamani’s attempt to unite Teito with Michael for his own evil doings, Michael restores Teito’s memories – up until the point when he was snatched away

      This is an interesting theory – the part about Ayanami trying to sync the eye of Michael with Teito to see the cause and effect of it.


  18. Demons+Angels

    Im guessing that Teito is taken to the lab of the eye researchers there Michael tries to destroy the lab after he is returned 2 Teito. However, Aya-tan totally pwned him which results him stepping on kocked out Teito.


  19. UNICO

    first :teito will have shuri as his roommate,with shuri maybe teito will recall his two roommate ,they’re just resemblance ,mikage ,hakuren ,shuri just like twin brothers.
    two:ayanami want to take his true body from teito.but he first should know the incantation to unlock the seal .so he just in the lab to using scientific experiment to solve this problem.
    three:michael come back to teito .maybe he will protect his master.
    four:hehe ,maybe ayanami use ghost power to cope with michael .michael is not his match .michael fail .so ayanami step on him with his boots.
    sorry for my poor express .english is not my first language.


  20. Marika

    Apparently Teito will share room with Shuri and Shuri will complain about it, also there’ll be some resemblance to Hakuren probably, and that might make Teito remember stuff (not everything of course but).
    Ayanami probably wants to use the eye of Michael to be able to get his body back from Teito, and maybe he takes Teito to the eye too, if they have access that is.
    Also I think Teito will have problems with how to handle Hyuuga and making said man end up being punished by Aya-tan~


      1. Marika

        Yay, cookies~ are they the cookies from the DARK side? *wiggles eyebrows* XD
        and yes I’ve read a Japanese blog about the new chap 😉 *sowwy* but they didn’t spoil everything and thank god for that, I’m still excited, and I just wish the official English volumes will hurry up! They’re like 5 volumes behind and that’s a bit much but oh well, hope they’ll catch up soon 😀


        1. Aha, I guess correctly. 😀 Partial brownie then for being supportive of the licensed releases. ^_-
          Actually, CY isn’t all that far behind when you think they will release vol.8 next month. I’m sure they’ll catch up to at least 2 volumes behind the Japanese releases. So, it’s still ok.


          1. Marika

            Yea I’m waiting to buy vol 7 once they have vol 8 as well, it’s cheaper to ship them together than one at a time 🙂 especially since I’m not made of money XD

            As for more speculations on the chap, I don’t think Teito is in an illusion.. though I somehow wonder since both Haruse and the stabbed Hyuuga is there :/ so many questions to be answered 😛


  21. Unfortunately, I can’t guess since I am already a little spoiled though not that updated with the recent chapters…

    Someone: latest chapter of 07-Ghost is out!
    Me: Is my Michael there?
    Someone: Unfortunately…. no.
    Me: I’ll catch up next time then

    I’m so biased… ahahahaha!

    Though I can confirm that our allies will definitely be enjoying it… and one of them already does *the one who spoiled me a bit on the latest chapter*

    I hope this 07-Ghost game will turn out nicely~ xD


  22. RandomUser

    Hmmm lets see……. teito starts acting suspicious in front of the black hawk members, so ayanami takes him to the lab for a check up…and then BAM! michael awakens and starts making a fuss and destroying the lab like ouka once did. so ayanami has to subdue teito by using his feet…or something. kinda seems odd how anyone can stop michael though, isnt he supposed to be super strong (assuming there is no collar)? if i was him i would high tail it out of there…but where? teito has no memories of the last 2 months so there would be nowhere for him to go; so if michael went to the church and teito woke up he would just go back to the military…sooo michael has to stay there until teito has gotten his memories back. ugh i kinda got off topic, but theres my opinion 🙂


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