From the desk: Having herbal tea and chasing the blues away with music

Ta dah…this is actually a small music post disguised as a random update 😆 (j/jkg)

Ya, Ayu is still very much alive although she’s been rather quiet. Quiet on the blogging scene but definitely not in the real world where things are mad cap busy. Been under the weather as well and is currently on medication to stave off the onset of a cold (flu). Hopefully, it won’t descend into a full blown mess. DO NOT WANT!

On the snippets front, there is an apparent delay in receiving my monthly mag subscriptions this time, affecting updates on AVARUS, GFantasy and the most anticipated new manga mag ‘ComicGene’. I’ve been itching to see what’s in store in ‘ComicGene’ and this waiting is making me a little ‘irate’ at the delay. Hoping to get some feedback from the distributor/shipper on the said matter. Yes, I’m that enthusiastic. 😛

Until then, I’m doing a little side post on music, a selection of ani-music to be precise. Additionally, I’m also catching up on the scans for various projects which I’ve been putting off because of my busy schedule. This on and off thing is really annoying to some but certain matters can’t be help. I’m still on board for now and will see my contributions through till I say it’s the end.

In the mean time, I want to share some music clips I’d discovered during a very enjoyable sojourn away from tBPII. I must say that I had an interesting musical journey through the 90’s and the result of it is here. Thank you to Kitsune for inviting me to partake in this little joint-venture. xD It was rather fun scouring through the musical archive and finding out there are many pieces that I’ve not heard of or come across before. So many things, too little time. 😆

On to Ayu’s ani-music discovery.

Sky Crawlers (2008)
Main Ending Theme by Kenji Kawai

What a mournful tragic theme. It made me feel sad and I haven’t even seen the film yet.

Romeo and Juliet (2007)
“Deai” by Hitoshi Sakimoto

Here’s an anime that I avoid watching for some reason when it aired on Animax. But that’s not to say I don’t appreciate the music. This particular piano piece called ‘Deai’ (Encounter) is one that I really like.

GUNxSWORD (2005)
ED2 “Paradiso” by Hitomi

Haven’t heard this airy but pretty song in a while now. So glad I stumbled upon it.

Saiyuki: Requiem (2001)
“Shoushin no michi gan” by Akira Senju

I’m totally loving this beautiful moving piece composed by Akira Senju. Been listening to it a several times now. Seen the TV anime but not the movie. Have yet to check out the new OVA. *Make mental note to watch it soon. 🙂

These are just the first 4 finds among several that I really enjoy listening to. I might turn this into a regular thing on tBPII. Who knows, eh?! 😀


5 thoughts on “From the desk: Having herbal tea and chasing the blues away with music

    • You’re welcome. I’m happy to share them. Speaking of Sky Crawlers and Saiyuki:Requiem, I haven’t watch them either and now that I had a taste of the music, I keep it in mind the watch them soon. It’s usually the other way round when it comes to anime and music. Sometimes it’s nice to be inspired differently. 😀


  1. Drink plenty of that herbal tea, but don’t forget the real thing too! I wish I could prepare a few shots of matcha for you… With viruses, you can’t do much – you just have to let it take its course. However, it is essential to prevent possible complications. Get enough rest, plenty of fluids, you know, the usual things in such cases. I hope you’ll feel better soon! *casts Protective Spirit on Ayu*

    Things are very busy here too. Teaching undergraduates takes patience, but I am willing to explain the same thing 100 different ways till a students really gets it.

    Oh yeah, I enjoyed our collaboration very much! 😀 Thank you again for participating! ^_^

    Nice selection of music! I especially like Kenji Kawai’s and Akira Senju’s pieces 🙂 The latter has some Ennio Morricone in it 😉 Please do turn this into a regular thing on tBPII 🙂


    • @kitsune,
      Thank you for your concern. I’m feeling better now although resting enough is something that I wanted more of than I can do. Herbal tea and copious amount of good old plain water helps. I also drink freshly squeezed lemon with some honey to cleanse my throat because I’m really scared of getting sore throat which usually accompany bad sniffles and cough. I had an awful case over a year ago and I don’t want that to return again. And ya, that protective spell works too. *Offers* ginger cookies to Kitsune (which goes well with tea imo) 🙂

      Wow, you’re teaching students now and that’s commendable. Me, I don’t think I have the patience to teach. I like to think that I share knowledge in a different way. 🙂

      Glad you enjoy my little ani-music discovery. I hope to share more finds and favourites on tBPII in the near future.

      About Ennio Morricone, I get what you mean now. xD Akira Senju may have been inspired by Mr. Morricone. There’s a bit of influence there. Oh but I really love the pieces that I’ve heard from Saiyuki: Requiem, so much so I intend to buy the ost.
      See, one thing leads to another.


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