Random fiddling – Giving my ol’ desktop a new look :)

Another oh! so random post.

How do I look now with my new updated look, eh? Neat or not? If you don’t already know, blue is my overwhelmingly favourite colour and it’s the main colour theme for my desktop…as you can see. (^_-)

Time on my hands, nay you must be joking. I didn’t want to be bored out of my wits looking at the same old image and arrangement on my desktop screen which is considerably ‘old’ anyway. I reckon it needed a makeover of sorts. Clean out the clutter, change the wallpaper and updated it with google desktop gadgets to give it a spanking new look. Guess I’m happy with it for the time being. I’m so not techno savvy especially when I’m still having a hard time trying to figure out Ubuntu on my netbook. Awfully glad it had a dual OS that I could switch back to Windows. So duh! I know. Oh well, at least, I managed to fix my trusty old desktop pc. 😆

10 thoughts on “Random fiddling – Giving my ol’ desktop a new look :)

  1. Oh wow! What a wonderful desktop! 😀 I also love blue color 🙂

    I don’t bother customizing my desktop too much because I end up not looking at it with all the other applications active. I really like the feel of your desktop, but have some minor organizational suggestions.

    Most of the icons on the left-hand side are not needed – consider deleting them. Time, weather, and scratch pad are very good, but I would never put a feed on my desktop because I can be easily distracted. Scheduling some time for feeds and organizing them well in Google Reader or other aggregator may be more efficient, but, of course, it is up to your preference 🙂

    That desktop background is cute. Is it based on some work or an original illustration?


    • 🙂 Thank you. I’m keeping your suggestions in mind especially in getting rid of redundant icons. It used to be much worse as I paste shortcuts of WIP on my desktop out of convenience when I was cramming hours of assignments. But no longer do I do that. I have drawers of folders to file my stuff ever since though I still maintain the minimal easy to reach shortcuts.

      As for the desktop wallpaper illustration, I stumbled upon it when I was browsing the web for digital art. The whole ‘search for digiart’ started when someone suggested rainmeter desktop. So off into the web wilderness I go and it lead me to some very interesting finds like ‘Digital Blasphemy‘ and ‘Desktopography‘ which featured HQ 3D rendered digital art. But the one I eventually pick for my desktop is an original work called ‘Drug Free Zone’ from Microbot (aka David Fuhrer). He described it as “A Drug Free Zone is a location in the community, especially an area where children congregate, that the citizens perceive as being a place where drug trafficking or alcohol availability problems exist, and the citizens decide to take action”. You can check out his site here.


  2. Your desktop looks so cute~
    I don’t like blue that much (I like red… the total opposite! XD) but I think it suits perfect on your wall! ♥


    • 🙂 Thank you. Yes, blue is pretty much my colour as red is for you. Although, I’m not oppose to other colour schemes as long as they excite me and make me feel creative.


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