K∀RNEVAL Vol.7 Limited Edition – Cover, Inserts plus Extras


Volume 7 of Karneval by Mikanagi Touya was released on Apr-24. The latest tankoubon featured chapters 37 to 42. There are actually 2 editions with different jacket art being released. The normal edition has Jiki on the cover whereas the limited edition has Gareki. The limited edition also comes with 3 character cards and an illustrated clear folder. Personally, I think the normal tank has the nicer cover but I’d gotten the limited edition for the extras. 😛 Lame, I know. But anyway, Karneval fans would be interested to see what the freebies are, won’t they? 😆 As usual, the extras will only be made available on my LJ.  Enjoy!

::K∀RNEVAL Vol.7 (Limited Edition)::
**For a larger reso, just click on the individual images.

Jacket Cover – Front (with side flap)

Jacket Cover – Back (with side flap)

Book Cover – Front (with omake) feat. Tsukitachi

Book Cover – Back (with omake)

Insert – Colour Page

Contents Page

Score 37 – Snippets
Photobucket Photobucket

Illustration feat. Nai

Insert – Omake extras
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Mangaka’s End Note

Limited Edition Bonus Extras (click image to cut to Ayu’s LJ)

Normal Edition Cover Illustration feat. Jiki

You may use the images for graphical artwork etc., but don’t claim the scans as your own or re-post them elsewhere w/o my permission because *shame on you*, if you do that. You may however, link back to this page.

6 thoughts on “K∀RNEVAL Vol.7 Limited Edition – Cover, Inserts plus Extras

    1. @love-chan,
      I’m currently tied up with my existing projects so I’m not sure if I’m able to scan Karneval for your team.
      It’ll have to wait till I’m freeing what I have going on right now.
      I will get in touch with you if it is possible in the future, k?



  1. Mirlaine

    There’s also a third version of volume 7 cover (with Nai).
    Thank you for sharing all the extras! Lol, Akari’s&Hirato’s smug looks made my day 😀 Also, would you mind, if I friended you at LJ?


  2. Polly90

    Wow I like both characters but you’re right, the normal edition cover is better. Thank you very much for the scans they are all lovely ones! I’m going to check out the extras, too!^^


  3. Nanrid

    Thank you so much! *_*
    To think … I’ve ordered volume 7 with the normal cover while on the backcover of the limited one there was AKARI ;A;
    The three cards are so cute, I saw the previews on zero sum blog :3


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