Music Digest: OP Songs Selections 1


It has been a very long time since I last did a music post. To get myself back in the groove, I’m going to go about it in a different manner than the way I used to do before. Instead of just announcing a string of OP/ED singles releases coupled with my crappy “reviews”, I am picking a selection of OP/ED and insert songs that caught my interest and do a short compilation post.

To begin with, here are my first choice of songs which covers 4 OPs and 1 insert song:

Song 01: Sakura no Ki no Shita
Artist: KOKIA
Anime: Saiyuki Gaiden OVA
Category: OP
~Alright, it is incidental that I chose to place Kokia’s song as the first track of my selection. ‘Sakura no Ki no Shita‘ (Beneath the Cherry tree) is another one of Kokia’s OP contribution to an anime series. I have yet to watch Saiyuki Gaiden OVA but I love the opening theme by Kokia. The song carries a melancholy vibe which the ‘erhu’ instrumentation seemingly exudes. Kokia’s trademark ethereal voice gently caresses the ballad with its melodic beauty.  I definitely like it much more than her last  OP theme ‘Fate’ for anime ‘Broken Blade’.

Watch the OP clip here:

Song 02: Innocent Blue
Artist: Rina Hidaka
Anime: Star Driver ~Kagayaki no Takuto
Category: Insert Song #2
~While most Star Driver fans raved about the Fish Girl’s song ‘Monochrome’, I gravitated towards Mizuno’s ‘Innocent Blue‘. It is probably because her character received a much better exposition over the other girls, ya Wako included. It has got that playful, fun, catchy feeling that captures the essence of her character disposition. And that’s why I pick it over ‘Monochrome’.

Watch the clip featuring the insert song here:

Song 03: Scarlet Knight
Artist: Mizuki Nana
Category: OP
~I didn’t like Dog Days’ OP animation visuals but Mizuki Nana really do give the intro theme ‘Scarlet Knight‘ a punch with her strong vocals. She really brings out the life of the song over the mediocre visuals. Is it odd or funny of me to think that this could be a song right of ‘Macross Frontier’? Heh, blame it on May’n’s singing which sounds almost too much like Mizuki Nana.

Watch the OP clip here:

Song 04: Hacking to the Gate
Artist: Ito Kanako
Anime: Steins;Gate
Category: OP
~ I love the intro sequence for Steins;Gate and ‘Hacking to the Gate‘ serves as a strong opening theme. Ito Kanako’s vocal delivery is full of energy which works well with the whole package. I like!

See the OP clip here:

Song 05: See VisionS
Artist: Mami Kawada
Anime: To Aru Majutsu no Index II
Category: OP #2
~ Index always have fast pace rock-pop themes that highlights the action-filled nature of the anime and Mami Kawada almost always featured in it. Index II’s intro ‘See VisionS‘ is just such a song. I like how the song slowly builds up to its main verse and gets into the very catchy punchy chorus. Love the synths arrangement as well. Mami’s voice has that light playful tilt, especially prominent when she sings the chorus that just hooks you in. Fun. I like.

Catch the OP clip here:

**To listen to the full songs featured here, just click on the individual song title.


3 thoughts on “Music Digest: OP Songs Selections 1

  1. I one of these Star Driver fans who loves Fish Girl’s song 🙂
    But Mizuno’s song is also cool 🙂

    Scarlet Knight *.*
    Love this song! 😀
    Love Nana!
    So far I don’t admire DogDays,
    only reason why I watch this: Mamo-chan & Nana 😀

    Song from “Steins;Gate” – great!

    Well otherwise this… My current obsession is “Os-Uchuujin” by Asuka Oogame (from “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko”) xD
    Her “uchuujin” and “Sonna anata no koto ga suki
    Sonna anata no koto ga suki nan desu
    Anata no koto ga suki
    Sonna anata no koto ga suki desu”


  2. Polly90

    Although I haven’t watched any of these animes yet they have great OPs and inserts! DOG DAYS looks interesting since I’m dying for animal-ears.^^ The song ‘Hacking to the Gate’ is awesome, I really enjoyed it and I love Nitroplus works so I’m planning on watching it. And I’ve just discovered that Miyano Mamoru is the voice of one of the main characters! 😀

    Thanks a lot for this post! *chu*


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