Sneak Peek: 07-Ghost Kapitel 69

Z-Sum Issue 05/11: Snippets of 07-Ghost Chapter 69

It’s April 2nd and coming from me, these chapter spoilers are early aren’t they?! It would have been even earlier had I not been ultra busy but hey, considering the fact that I’m juggling several different projects on hand, one would count this output as a small miracle. (^_^;;

Another awesome double colour spread. Love the illustration. They look so calm and peaceful but unfortunately, what’s happening in the chapter is quite the opposite. *LoL* @ Frau & his porny mag.
Anyway, Kapitel 69 is excitably intense. Just when we think that things are going to be reflective after Teito recovered his locked memories, all hell broke loose. Frau and Teito are in big, deep, shitty trouble with Hyuuga menacingly dropping in unexpectedly and Teito acting emotionally rash. Castor and Lab too had to contend with the other Black Hawks. They’re not just fighting off the competitors in the hawkzile race but also against Ayanami’s elite. There’s no respite for our boy and his 3 bishops. Who’s that person that Teito is about to face? Mysterious cliffhanger at the end.

::Kapitel 69 SNIPPETS::

Colour page, yay!

Yuki and Suzu made their appearance

Who’s there?

Here endeth the teasers. Enjoy!

Just a simple reminder:
DO NOT ASK FOR RAWS either here or on LJ! This is as good as it gets. Want to see the whole chapter, just wait for the translation and check out the LJ com for further updates.

16 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: 07-Ghost Kapitel 69

  1. Solaris

    Oh you tease!
    Now I just can’t wait at all until I get to see the real deal! I’m going to be tossing and turning at night wondering just what the hell they were all saying and wishing I could read Japanese… ~sobs~
    Seriously though, thanks for posting this, hopefully it will tide me over until it finally gets translated.

    Blonde Teito is just fantaaaabulous, I’ll miss him…



  2. zizi6631

    I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve read a new chapter of 07-ghost. why doesn’t the translations come?!!!
    thanks for sharing!


  3. Okasamyn

    (Shouts ‘Kyaa!!!!’ in the computer cafe)

    I just got a heart attack… seriously… I got some-sort of heart attack… (breaths in deeply… faints)

    Thank you very much for the kind posting of a sneak peak.


  4. Darkmaya

    Thank you so much 😀 Aaaah Teito looks hotter than usual somehow *.* But… his eyes he doesn’t wear eye contacts, isn’t he? Because his eyes color was a bit darker, right?
    Hmm maybe the unknown person is someone from the Ghosts? It’s around time that he should appear after all ^^ I hope that it’s not Mihkail like Akira said, I can’t imagine him in someone other than Teiro 😦
    Can I inform on the 07 ghost’s community that you posted spoilers? 🙂


  5. Dorothy

    AAAAAAH!!! Now I understand what you meant! ♥ ♥ ♥ The double color pages are beautiful, moments like this were a dream! ;_;
    Blonde Teito is hot! :Q________
    Thank you so much for the little miracle you did and for your job, you really made my day! ♥


  6. babyChayo

    Thank you so much as usual for sharing this!!! >___________________< SUPER THANK YOU!!! ❤ <3! I still feel I just don't emphasis enough of how grateful I am to see your sneak peaks every months, especially with only very few people share this. Once again, thanks!


  7. Oh my Goooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!! Thank you SO MUCH for these teasers, Ayu!!!! I really hope next house will reveal the secret behind Frau/Zehel/Gido /whatever, there MUST be ax explanation!! In the meanwhile, I’m dying for Frau’s hotness @_@<3333 And curious about Teito, Mikhael can't be there so what??? O_O Thanks again!!! <3333


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