A Simple Thank You From Me :)

…with a pretty little track titled ‘Camomile Tea‘, composed by Kajiura Yuuki and taken from her 3-disc compilation album, ‘The Works for Soundtracks‘, which was released towards the end of last year i.e Dec-28, 2010.

The reason? is that ‘tBPll’ crossed the ‘>100K’ hits milestone barely 5 months after I restarted my blog anew. I lost a big chunk of contents after the original blog went permanently offline. Thus, it is humbling to see followers of the former site still coming back to check out my new blog. With it also came renewed traffic flow, most of which sees an increasing number coming from the manga fandoms of which I became rather active in.  Needless to say, I made some new ani-manga friends with similar interests along the way, who in turn, widen my horizons even more. 😆

With that said, I haven’t abandon my focus on ani-music despite the fact that I hardly have time to chat about music releases these days. I’ve a sizable backlog to give an ear to that I happily resign myself to listening at my own pleasure, not really bothering to post my rambling opinions on them as I did before.  However, it gave me an idea of doing a compilation post like I did here and share a selection of tracks that impress me.  And that brings me to my selected ‘thank you’ theme from Kajiura Yuuki. What better way to say thanks than by sharing a lovely simmering pot of ‘camomile tea’ with everyone. This light and breezy track sums up my feelings and mood rather well.

Once again, arigato minna-san for being lovely peeps and following me through the dribs and drabs of my blog. I do hope you enjoy your visits.

**Remember this anime? Nvm if you don’t but here’s a piece of cake to go with the tea 😀

Still want to know where its from…well, it is an image from Antique Bakery’s ED visuals. (^_^)

11 thoughts on “A Simple Thank You From Me :)

  1. Thank you, I like both chamomile tea and Kajiura Yuuki’s work 🙂

    Congratulations on your milestone! 🙂 It is unfortunate that you lost some data, but it’s good that you found some new friends.

    haha I knew it is from the Antique Bakery! Sebastian has better cakes though 😛


  2. Well! That’s a bright and catchy tune and thanks for highlighting that compilation album as something to put on my radar. Interesting that the CD doesn’t have some of her Noir tracks since those are (I imagine) most people’s introduction to Kajiura.

    Great work with currying readers and I look forward to the musical snippets you’ll be bringing forward in the future!


    1. Thank u dropping by.

      Kajiura’s Works for Soundtracks compilation album features mostly compositions that were previously unreleased, well 53 out of the 75 tracks actually. So, you won’t find the compositions from her more well known osts. But it is interesting to hear her earlier works and her work for other mediums aside from anime which we otherwise won’t get a chance to listen to. I enjoy her scores for the NHK special ‘Sekai Satoyama Kikou’ with the track titles inspired by nature. Refreshing. ^_^


  3. zizi6631

    thank U dear, for your interesting post!
    and I do remember the cake of antique, although I just watched 1 episode. but I’ve seen the korean movie version and 9 episodes of the japanese tv series (haven’t watched 3 episodes yet). they were both great, but I didn’t like the anime.
    thank u again and good luck!


    1. 😀 You’re welcome. Thank you for dropping by.
      About Antique Bakery, I thought the anime was quite hilarious. I love all the cakes that they show at the end of ED credits.


  4. Thank you very much for the share ~ Kajiura Yuki always creates good melodies. Puella Magi Madoka Magica has me hooked on her music again.

    It’s always a pleasure to read your blog, especially since I’m getting a feel for series I might not have taken a look at otherwise.


  5. Dorothy

    Thank you so much for the compilation, I’ll listen to it, it’s a pleasure! ♥ I love Kajiura Yuki melodies too, I think that Pandora Hearts’ music is one of the best of the last years! 😀

    You’re welcome, talking with you it’s a pleasure! ♥


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