Pandora Hearts Vol.14 – Volume Covers

Happy April Fools Everyone!

You have been trolled……NOT!

Ahaha…I’m being good by sharing scans from Pandora Hearts Vol.14 and not friend-locked them on LJ. Fans of Elliot should be squeeing in delight because he’s on the cover. This is one of my favourite covers and it’s a fitting tribute to dear Elly, who has pass on to the depths of the Abyss. If anyone is wondering, YES…these are my scans. Not someone else’s.


Jacket Cover: Front with side flap

Jacket Cover: Back

Book Cover: Front
~ Aww Glen, what a face you’re making. I’ll take it, I’ll take it.  (*^_^*)

Book Cover: Back
~ Wearing birdy on head is a new fashion statement. Everyone should have one on their heads too or else Glen-sama will cast us into the abyss. 😆

Insert: Colour Page
~ Ah so serene is Elliot T_T

Insert: Contents Page
~ I’m tellin’ ya, there’s something going on between these two 😛

Insert: Omake
~ BKat to WKat: Oh look! Here comes that posh dude. Let’s turn him into mush wiv our kitty charm. 😀

Insert: Author’s End Note


You may use the images for graphics etc but no claiming the scans as your own or re-posting them elsewhere w/o permission, ok! You may however, link back to this page.

12 thoughts on “Pandora Hearts Vol.14 – Volume Covers

  1. missjinx

    Thank you so much! They’re all just so beautiful. Elly, you’re beautiful *U* And btw, what is the password for your photobucket? I tried rawscans, but it doesn’t seem to work… 😦


    1. @missjinx, you’re welcome. Glad you enjoy them.
      Sorry, my personal photobucket acc is private. It is not shared or public because it is my personal acc.
      You can however, set up your own PB account and and follow updates of my activities there or see the my main public album. 🙂


  2. Darkmaya

    Thank you. Why I have to fell in love, when he ummm y’know what ;< Umm in regular version of volume 14, there wasn't a omake 2 about what animal would you choose? ( Nightrays )


  3. Dorothy

    Leoooooo… ♥
    I love him! ♥ After the last chapter, this cover and insert page are so sad, thinking of Elliot… thank you for sharing, Ayu! 🙂


    1. @Dorothy,
      I hope that we’ll learn more about Leo there is so much still to reveal about his background and him being Glen’s vessel. Ya, it’s a sad tribute to Elliot. His character has grown so much in such a short time only to meet a tragic end.
      And yeah, you’re welcome. Is happy to share.


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