Babblings plus Avarus Wowpaper – April Edition

Babblings, Help!Japan Cause and then some!

I’ll probably receive my copy of Avarus April issue tomorrow. I didn’t think the distributor would ship it after all that had happened and is still happening in crisis hit Japan. Indeed, I deeply appreciate that they went to all the troubles to do that. It wouldn’t have mattered if these things get delayed because the people there do have greater issues and hardships at hand and we shouldn’t expect normalcy to resume in the interim. I will of course, continue to keep my current magazine subscriptions if it means supporting the continued survival of the mangaka’s works and the manga industry in this difficult times.

Additionally, we peeps can show our support or contribute to help the stricken victims. Google has set up a crisis response site here. They’ve listed 3 very legitimate organizations where people can make donations to. One of them is the ‘Japanese Red Cross Society‘ whom as I was told, are doing their utmost on the ground to help the victims of the twin disaster despite facing shortages of essential necessities.  Donations can also be made here, a site the JRCS setup specially for the earthquake relief efforts. So then, if you do have some spare change or savings to spare, this might be the time to put a percentage of it to good humanitarian use.

With that said, the April edition of Avarus manga wallpaper are up on their site. This time, ‘Sengaku’ and a new manga title ‘ViVo!’ are featured.

Sengaku‘ by Hinoki Kino x Akira

ViVo!‘ by Fujiko Segawa

Last but not least…

Edit: If you haven’t already contribute or donated to the disaster relief efforts in Japan and is considering on doing so, you might want to check out Ani-manga ‘Bloggers for Japan‘. They’ve selected two charities that interested peeps can make their contributions to. If you’re ‘skint’ but still want to be involved in some way, you can help them spread the word around on your blog or social website(s) to create awareness. Why wait?! Get started! Every little bit helps, even it’s just your voice or written words. (^_-)

A surreal scene of the aftermath

Ganbatte Japan! Your people and nation will rise from the ashes again. Stay strong!

5 thoughts on “Babblings plus Avarus Wowpaper – April Edition

  1. I gave my little help for Japan, I’m sorry I couldn’t do more.. I can only keep praying for them, for the situation to get better, Thanks for the wallpaper, don’t know both series, but Sengaku’s drawings seems to be really nice. Will look for more info! ^_^


  2. I’m giving my little contribution believing that Japanese people will be helped… This is a difficult moment but it seems that the world is more worried about nuclear radiation than saving who needs help, who lost is home. 😦

    I hope that more people will give a contribution, we love Japan and maybe this is the only way we have to help… thank you for the links! 😀

    Sengaku wallpaper is beautiful! I don’t know the series but the draws are great! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing! ♥


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