Teasers from 07-G Kapitel 68

What can I say? It’s that time of the…er, never mind.
Here are some snippets of Kapitel 68 for those of you who cannot wait for me to post updates from Z-Sum Issue 04. My collabs from LJ will have the chapter to work on very soon. So, keep a look out at the 07G community site.

The 7 Ghosts…yes, including Fia at the bottom, got together at last!

A few more snips from the chapter. Not much more than these. I get to keep the best bits and save them for translation team, muahaha.

Discuss the chapter if you will but DO NOT request for raws!!! I’ll kick anyone to the curb if they do!


11 thoughts on “Teasers from 07-G Kapitel 68

  1. hikaru

    Thanks for sharing! Tiashe is too cute for words! And when Gido poked his face, did he just get mad like when Frau teases him? 😀 I can’t wait to read the whole chapter! Thanks again!


  2. Akira

    Thank you so much Ayu!!! I want to know how can Zehel can be so resembling to Frau not only in his appearence but also in the manners.. o_o Anyway, the cover of the chapter made me nosebleed so hard! ♥ Thank you so much!!!


  3. Dorothy

    OMG finally I can see them all! O_O
    I can’t wait for the translation! +_+ I can’t understand japanese but I’m curious to know if the person of the fourth page is Teito’s mother, she has a sweet smile~

    Thank you so much for sharing! ♥


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