Volume Covers – Ryo Takahashi’s TOXIC Vol. 01

Toxic Volume 1 Covers plus inserts!

Manga Title: TOXIC
Author(s): Ryo Takahashi
Artist(s): Ryo Takahashi
Genre(s): Action, Conspiracy, Drama, Mystery, Military, Seinen, Shoujo, Tragedy
Published by: Mag Garden
Serialized in: AVARUS
Volumes Released To Date:: Volume 1 (15-Jan-2011]

My copy of Ryo Takahashi’s Toxic Vol.1 arrived two days ago. I thought I share scans of the cover & inserts here. On the same note, scanlation of Chapter 3 in English is released by TZA recently. Drop by there to check out their releases to date.

Jacket Cover – Front

Jacket Cover – Back

Book Cover – Front

Insert Colour Page

Contents Page

Character illustration with stats
~Loukas aka Luka




You may use the images for personal purpose but please do not claim them as your own and re-post them elsewhere w/o permission. It would be pitiful if you do. You may, however, link to this post for reference.

6 thoughts on “Volume Covers – Ryo Takahashi’s TOXIC Vol. 01

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  2. Mito

    O.O THAT SO YOUNG!! but well uhh my predict is luka (or Lukas?) about 24 and Louis about 28 or more but they are look younger… -3- baby face DNA perhaps? XDDD lalwssssssssssss~ XDDD OMG THE COVER IS SO DROOLING!!! its okay right if i make a banner from this image? *please?* i’ll link it here! >:D and credit it!


  3. LeeNoriega

    I kinda like everything but the figure of Luka on the cover (is it him?). I dunno why but the way his body’s drawn doesn’t look too appealing to me. However, I love the insert color page and the apple part. A pretty good cover all in all.

    Thank you for sharing!^^


  4. So awesome *_* Thank you for the eyecandy~

    Ah, so it’s “Lukas” and not “Luka” huh… thanks for the correction Ryo-sensei~ (I’m happy that Yuki insisted on “Louis” though it sounded more like “Louie”. You’re genius, Yuki!!!!)

    And they’re actually that young O_O So sad… ;_;

    Eh??? Typo on “File” on Louis’ profile? LOLz

    *continues staring* (I don’t get what’s with the pretty bird yet)


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