[OST] A listen to Shinrei Tantei Yakumo Original Soundtrack

Music Post: A sampling of TV Anime “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo Original Soundtrack”

VTCL-60231 - 01a (1)
Being an anime fan who loves music, I tend to take note of the music aspect of the anime I’m watching. Thus, I usually ended up checking out the original soundtrack album of the collected compositions and the composer whose scores aroused my aural curiosity. That said, it has been a while since I last share my thoughts on any particular anime soundtrack release. It’s not because there isn’t anything that interest me or that I’d given up gabbing about music. There are in fact, a handful of recent releases that I found to be highly enjoyable and worth my while. It’s just that the lack of time prevented me from giving them a discerning ear which one requires when one wants to write about them. In that regards, I’m happy to be back on track again with my first music post of 2011.


Album Title: TV Anime “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo Original Soundtrack
Composer/Artist(s): R.O.N, Daisuke Ono (OP), Lisa Komine (ED)
Release Date: 01-Dec-2010
Catalog No.: VTCL-60231
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Like it, Buy it here: cdjapan, yesasia


OST Overview:
I have no idea who R.O.N is prior to watching ‘Psychic Detective Yakumo’ except that the relatively unknown composer has done some theme songs arrangement for TV anime ‘Kurenai’. In a way, that intrigued me enough to want to pay more attention to the music while watching the anime. I must say the music placement certainly works its magic in depicting the mostly brooding atmosphere of the psychological mystery themed series. The tense moments aren’t overly dramatic which in my opinion, is a good thing because it would have been overkill. But of course, the ost is far from being mood heavy as there are several uplifting pieces that perks up the lighter moments as well as contemplative tracks that filled the quieter parts of the show. I also like the combination of synths, guitars and strings instrumentation in the arrangements.

Overall, R.O.N succeeded in creating a cohesive soundtrack for Yakumo. It’s a keeper in my ani-ost collection for sure and that’s more than decent for a composer whose work I’m not familiar with aside from what was already mentioned. I’ll definitely want to hear any future music project he may be working on.

On to the sampling of selected pieces from ‘Shinrei Tantei Yakumo Original Soundtrack’:

Track 3: White Wing
The main theme is the most recognizable score from the anime. It is also my favourite piece from the ost.

Track 6: Lonesome
Very nice contemplative piano-based track

Track 9: Black Dance
One of the heavier, tension filled piece

Track 11: Mystery
Creepy and haunting at the same time

Track 12: Buraiha
I like the atmospheric guitar work on this track that gives out an awesome creepy vibe.

Track 28: Unusual box
The use of the saxophone gave this piece an ambient feel

Track 31: In Despair
Melancholy piece with a despairing violin accompanied by piano

Track 40: Secret of Mind** clickety click
One of my favourite piece after the main theme. I wasn’t able to find this particular track on ‘youtube’ so I had to u/l to boxnet just so you peeps can have a listen.


7 thoughts on “[OST] A listen to Shinrei Tantei Yakumo Original Soundtrack

  1. Mejan

    Some of the tracks had a female singer doing some awesomely creepy vocal improv. Anyone know the names of those tracks? I’d love to listen to them again.


  2. Aneurin

    can someone tell me the song one epsisode 7 where goto was talking to that one chick witht he brown hair when she was telling what happened at the nasna (i dont know how to spell it) mansion


  3. Szandra-灰音

    Do you know which track was played in episode 9, when Yakumo’s mother’s past was told by Goto-san? I can’t find it. 😦


  4. unknown

    can you plz tell me the name of the ost played in episode 10 when everyone are looking at the album?

    & thank you so much for the osts 🙂


  5. LeeNoriega

    I’ve totally forgotten about Yakumo once the series ended :S But I so.loved.its soundtrack.

    I also always check the music side of the series, because it often happens that the series might be a so-so, but have a fabulous soundtrack. And I even sometimes get soundtracks of the series I haven’t seen.

    Thank you for the samples! I’ve been waiting for this OST to come out but totally forgot about it later xD I loved all the tracks you posted, and I also liked that track when… when Yakumo and Haruka were talking at the hospital while Ykaumo’s uncle was lying there behind the glass. I think it was when Haruka gave Yakumo his uncle’s lense. It was a sad piece. But I’m not sure, maybe you’ve posted it. I just haven’t listened fully to all the tracks, only a few secs of each to remember the melody.

    Thank you for sharing!
    P.S. Even though the animated series wrapped up rather nicely, it’s still a pity it was so short.


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