Mag Updates: Zero-Sum and Gekkan ASUKA Issues 02/11

tBP’s Manga Digest Returns!

What’s in store in the first official MD post of 2011?
Ans: Manga snippets from the Feb Issues of Zero-Sum and Gekkan Asuka.
ZSum and Asuka 02-11

Actually, I’ve sat on these two issues of the manga mags ever since I gotten them more than a week ago. I just never got round to share snippets until now. So many things to gab about but so little time. Therefore, I won’t spoil you peeps with my random blurbs if it can’t be helped but with a *major* picspam. Ok perhaps, I exaggerate a wee bit there. 😆

Edit:  If I haven’t replied or respond to recent comments from commenters who drop by  tBPII, a thousand apologies because I really haven’t got the time and it’s not because I ignore you peeps, ok?! Much appreciation goes out to all of you. *Huggles*

Let’s begin with…

::ZERO-SUM ISSUE 02/11::
Amatsuki captured Z-Sum’s  coveted cover spot

Pimping Z-Sum’s sister magazine WARD

More pimping and its ARCANA+… I’m looking to get this issue

Ads out-of-the-way, now we’ve got chapter snippets or teasers from the selected manga. Enjoy!

First up is…

How cute, everyone with rabbit ears except Gareki is resisting his xD

Aww Nai… so excited to see Karoku but he’s acting all weird towards the lil’ guy

*LoL* Gareki engross with his new gadget but ya, he’s not having it easy at the Academy, innit?!

Karneval Planner thingy

Pimping 07-Ghost Volume 11 which is out on sale 25-Jan-2011

Here comes the chapter snippets…

Yes, Teito’s flashbacks continued on from the previous chappie


Hmm, that Hyuga killed just about everyone Tiashe is close to… so badass!  That’s the last of the knights gone to his death.

“Raphael” being manipulated so early on. Poor Ouka being tortured to do bad deeds that young. Barsburg is a pure evil might after all.

Are You Alice? Volume 25 out on 25-Jan-2011.
So fast, 3 volumes already! How time flies, eh!


Rikugo, Kon and the others are trapped in warped demon world

Something new premieres this issue…

::Griotte no Nemurihime::
Adapted from Shimotsuki Haruka’s RPG-story style fantasy album of the same name

Somehow this reminds me of the ‘Tales’ series… It’s also known as “Felary Lu En Tindharia“… very “Tales” indeed!


Just how easy it is to lure William into a trap and Dantalion to the rescue even if he has to fight off his own kind.

Kevin is no ordinary priest isn’t he.

Gourlart Knights‘ Volume 1 was released on 25-Dec-2010
Nice New Year cover illustration for this chapter


How Shouta face-off against his former mentor Sakurazawa


Ossan meets up with Belca and learns what happened after ‘that’ incident back at the palace. Kiliko’s assasin managed to infiltrate the residence where Belca is staying and finally, will Linna be reunited with his beloved Belca? xD

It’s rare for this series to get a colour page.


This is a creepy chapter which deepens the mystery surrounding Shinobu. What’s up with his old man and that ghost boy.

Hatsu felt something isn’t quite right with the old man. Well, it is obvious he’s hiding something…like a ghostly boy who might be his dead big bro. xD

Oh that white ‘ghostly’ being looks suspiciously like Shinobu somehow.  I love how the mystery unfolds with each chapter. Best chapter out of the lot.

Short One Shots Intro

::Next Issue Preview::

That’s it for Z-Sum Feb Issue 2011.

Up next is ASUKA Issue 02/11. Go to Page 2 for the snippets.

34 thoughts on “Mag Updates: Zero-Sum and Gekkan ASUKA Issues 02/11

  1. Polly90

    Oh my… It’s been quite a while since I last came to peep in. *blush* First of all Happy (very very) Belated Valentines Day and Single’s Awareness Day to you! ^^
    Oh this post is magnificent! Thanks to you I found a lot of manga that seem very interesting. How could I ignore them before? *wonders* Anyway, thank you very much for scanning these teaser pics, I really appreciate your work! *hugs*

    P.S. I miss UraBoku. *sob* Hope that it will be back soon. *sob*


    1. I’m the admin for this blog. Previously, we used to share certain raws but these have all been removed for definite reasons!!! If you are interested in getting raws from Zero-Sum for the purpose of translation and scanlation, please check out this site. They are looking for people to translate unlicensed manga titles from Z-Sum that are on offer there.


        1. Go to:
          Drop a line to their admin if you want the raws to translate.
          You don’t know the rules do you? Raws for licensed manga are not allowed. If you want them, go to the specific community like the lj community. Raws would NOT be shared outside of the closed community. This is the deal that is work out between scanlators and raw providers.


  2. LeeNoriega

    Love Aki’s art on the cover of Ward!
    And ZeroSum’s got a nice cover by Takayama-sensei as well :3
    Thank you for sharing!

    And omg, that made my day, why haven’t I checked the blof earlier! X3 Lots of Shouta, yaaaay!! And I definitely need to color Sakurazawa when I have time, that dude’s just begging to be colored xD

    And thanks for 07-Ghost scans as usual! It surely must take lots of time to scan everything.

    Thank you^^


  3. Than you for the post, Ayu! ♥

    OMG poor Ouka! T___T I want to see her more. >_> Her childwood was horrible, she’s treated just as a machine of death… poor her! ;_;
    Again, Dantalion seems to be the most close (demon) to William… and I’m curious to know who David is! O_o

    But… IS ECO-TAN’S EYE OK?? AAAAAAAAH!! Thank you for posting that page, I was afarid to see him without an eye forever! T__T

    OMG Samurai Driver’s chapter… awesome! XD

    Thank you again for all the info! ♥


    1. @Dorothy, you’re welcome. Thanks for dropping by.
      Well, about Eco-tan’s eye, we weren’t shown his eye condition. I wonder if he’s blind on one eye but maybe later we will know. xD


  4. babyChayo

    Thanks for sharing this Ayu-san! I especially appreciate 07-Ghost clips ~ can’t wait to know more of the teito’s past >__< thanks once again for sharing! Really appreciate this ❤


  5. Miss Ink

    Hi there, this is Miss Ink. I saw your offer in MF community page so I’m just here saying that if you can scan the raws, I’d be happy to continue doing the scanlations! I haven’t been the one doing the translations but I’m sure if I asked there would be a few who would help every month over at the LJ community.
    You can message me if you need maybe over at LJ ( or here, or MF…
    Anyway, thanks! And thanks for the clips from 07 and everything else! ^^


  6. renji_chan

    Hello Ayu, I’m a translator and I am currently translating 07-Ghost. I was wondering if it’d be possible for you to scan it? Thanks very much!

    P.S. Is Arcana+ good? The themes have deviated from the usual ones of Arcana. But it looks cute nonetheless!


  7. hikaru

    Thanks for the sneak peeks! Can’t wait to read 07 ghost chapter 65. So Hyuuga killed all the knights but not Father yet right? And yeah, poor Ouka.
    I wanna read +C: Sword and Cornett chapter 33 already! Belca and Linna’s reunion? 🙂


  8. Berry

    It seem I post ” Thank you very much” at wrong page (kapital 64⊙﹏⊙ I want to reply for kapital 65 update)
    but never mind,I still want to say thanks.That’s why I come here.
    I love 07-ghost though Ayanami sama is still missing 0(>﹏<)0
    Maybe hyuuga's appearance could give me a little console.


  9. Samurai Drive – not that impressed with the series, but it was okay… and oh I love the crossdressing part xD

    Conductor – It’s THE conductor!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    Yakumo – stares~

    Genji Monogatari – why no one doing it T_T

    Arcana Plus – I want *_*

    Karneval – bunnies xD

    07-Ghost – poor Ouka ;_;

    Amatsuki – no Tsuyukusa? T_T

    Griotte no Nemurihime – Fujimura Ayumi-sensei =3

    Makai Ouji – fcjgbvnsfhknwjfcndsgfvndnfcsk xD

    Cornett – I WANT REUNION!!!!

    Tousei – it was a very very intriguing chapter *_*

    *staring at oneshots *_*

    (wait, no tenkyuugi?)


  10. kh07gl

    THANK U!!!!!!!
    I love 07 ghost and this is amazing cant wait for the complete chapter^^
    pls pls send me the pw when ever it’s done
    thanx again


  11. kiraiqa89

    Many thanks for sharing this!!
    I’ll always be on the look out for your post especially when it’s regarding 07-Ghost!!


  12. Sparrow

    I’ve been following your blog for a month or so now, but I never commented… Thanks for sharing! And this sounds like a stupid question, but do you (or could you) scan manga from the issue for me? I’m unfortunate that I can never get my hands on these magazines even though I really love the manga in them… XD I’d just want +C anyways. Anyways, again, thank you for always sharing!


  13. chichi

    Thank you so much for sharing!!
    I very like 07-ghost~
    Excuse me, can you send the password there(
    And I promise not tell to other people…


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