Happy Christmas Everyone!

A Little Yuletide Greeting from Ayu and The Brownie Post!

I would like to wish the regular readers, visitors and random passers-by to my blog a very ‘Merry and Happy Christmas 2010‘.

As I’ve tweeted recently, I’m rather busy these days, more so as the year end approaches. That’s not to say I won’t be getting a little respite from the hectic schedule. My short holiday break begins tomorrow, that’s on the eve of Christmas. I shall be enjoying an evening of merry making with family and very close friends, followed by a midnight Mass attendance at a local Church. Thereafter, I hope to immerse my mind and body in blissful sleep. I can assure you that sleep time is something that is much needed and treasured nowadays especially if you’re in my world. (^_^;;  I do look forward to getting some semblance of normalcy back on ‘The Brownie Post II’. So much to share but so little time. In spite of that, thank you all for being such lovely peeps. Here’s wishing you too enjoy peaceful moments with your families and friends in this holiday season. ♥♥♥

We wish you a ‘Kuro’ Christmas, we wish you a ‘Kuro’ Christmas …lala
Note: Image courtesy of oreno.imouto.org

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