Mag Updates: Gekkan ASUKA Issue 01/2011

Snippets from Gekkan ASUKA Issue 01/2011

Barajou no Kiss gets the cover spot of the 2011 Jan Issue
Two things excite me from this issue of ASUKA; the return of ‘Trinity Blood ~rubor‘ and new manga adaptation of ‘Tale of Genji‘ aka ‘Genji Monogatari‘. Miyagi Tooko’s art for Genji is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing more of the adaptation in the coming issues. Although, ‘Barajou no Kiss‘ dominates the cover again, it is ‘Shinrei Tantei Yakumo‘ that steals the chapter spotlight simply because I love the development between Yakumo and Haruka. There is also an interesting revelation about Matsuzaki’s past in ‘The Conductor‘. Seems that every one of the characters have got a dark history and Matsuzaki certainly had a most horrible experience. I love how things keep unraveling in this series. It is such a strong contender for my pick as this year’s top new serialization. On another note, there’s a freebie that came with the Jan issue of Asuka and it’s a special 2011 calendar. I intend to post the images separately, of course. So keep a lookout for it.

Onwards to the rest of the snippets and chapter teasers >>>

Freebie Anniversary Card
– featuring ‘Mistake of a Shadow Butler‘ and ‘The Conductor

Nov/Dec 2010 Tank Releases

Ad for Togainu no Chi‘s Game Release

Barajou no Kiss – Chapter 29 Colour Spreads

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 3, Case 4 – Colour Spread

Snippets from the chapter
– Such a sweet *awww* inducing scenes of these two

The Conductor Chapter 4 (5)

Down memory lane to peek into a psychologist’s past

This is not a scene for a little boy to come home to

Ayahatori Shoukanjou Chapter 13
Shou’s antagonistic attitude towards Komachi is ever apparent

Mayu Shinjo’s Ai Ore, Chapter 22
– It’s here because it has a colour page. Obviously, this manga is not my cup of tea. I detest the story and characters.

Let’s not forget the featured ONE SHOTS

Majo no Tane by Soma Kaduki
– Boy is fascinated with a Girl’s flowy long hair

Komi★Komitsu! by Matsuo Haduki
– This is like a very short but amusing one shot about a boy wanna-be mangaka xD

Welcome Back ‘Trinity Blood ~Robor
– The previous chapter ends with a cliffhanger many moons ago and went on a long hiatus after that. Glad to see it back on with colour pages too.  But where is my Abel?

::New Manga Serialization::

Genji Monogatari by Takayama Yukiko & Miyagi Tooko
**If any group/community is interested in translating the chapter, let me know ^_^

– The lady in the panels is Murasaki Shikibu

Young Genji featured on the cover of the debut Chapter.

Next Issue Preview

~The End~

You may use the images for personal purpose but please do not claim them as your own and re-post them elsewhere w/o permission. It would be pitiful if you do. You may, however, link to this post for reference.

9 thoughts on “Mag Updates: Gekkan ASUKA Issue 01/2011

  1. Pingback: A little bit of Asuka 1+2+4~ | manga weekend

  2. @Kairi
    – You’re welcome. *Agrees* more adorable scenes of Yakumo x Haruka is always welcome. New manga Genji should be an interesting read…I hope. Yes, the art is fabulous. 🙂

    @Sapphire Pyro
    – *Fingers Crossed* that an interested translating team will pick up Genji. I’m sure the ever growing Conductor loving population is aching to find out what the bloody chapter is all about. Yet to begin the chapter scans…Toxic as well. Will announce them when I’m ready. 😛

    @Little Star,
    🙂 Is happy that you enjoy the snippets. Thank you for dropping by.

    Agrees that Yakumo x Haruka made an adorable couple. Oh wow, fan of Trinity Blood is always welcome. I missed *Father Klutz* though. 😆

    @ Akira & Ainen,
    Thank you for dropping by. I’m happy to know that you enjoy the snippets. 🙂


  3. Thank you for sharing! ♥
    OMG how adorable Yakumo and Haruna are! ♥ And Barajou no Kiss latest cover is awesome, Tenjou… :Q_____

    Trinity Blood colour page is great, I think that the colorization is improved, and the design of the characters is more polite! 😀


  4. There’s a lot of blood in my Conductor… *morbid fangurl is thrilled*

    YAKUMO OTP!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ooo… the oneshots look very nice *_*

    Someone should pick up the new Miyagi Tooko manga!!! (Though I’m still sad that Seirei Produce’s status is still…. uncertain =_=)


  5. Kairi

    Thank you so much for sharing!!**
    Aww, Yakumo and Haruka are so cute in that scene *___*
    And I really like the art of this new manga of Genji **


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