Dolls Ch70 – Snips of Shouta Mikoshiba


Snips from Naked Ape’s Dolls Chapter 70
Waaaa!!! This is absolutely belated but hey, someone should be really happy to see these snippets being posted. You know who you are. 😉  So here are the pics of Shouta you’d requested way back when and yes, they are from Chapter 70 in the Dec Issue of Z-Sum. Because it is so delayed, you’ve might have seen them (^_^;;  but in any case, maybe some others haven’t been spoiled yet. Enjoy anyway!

Flashbacks of how Captain Mikoshiba met with the very first Captain of the Tokkei’s 1st Brigade i.e Sakurazawa Tokio. I fear for Shouta’s life with all these flashbacks going on…

That’s all the spoils I can managed on the fly… (^w^)

2 thoughts on “Dolls Ch70 – Snips of Shouta Mikoshiba

  1. leenoriega

    OMG! Ayu!!! Wuv you!! ♥_____♥
    Thank you so much! I’ve been sick since last weekend and wasn’t going to post any comments here until I got better, but I just can’t ignore it! Thank you so much!! And nope, I havne’t seen them, because it’s suuuper hard to find any of the latests Dolls chapters^^ Shou-chan! And speaking of which, Sakurazawa’s also a veeery interesting man, in a bit of a creepy way, but he is. But Shou-chan sure is attractive no matter how old he is T_T Thank yooou! *hugs*

    Oh oh! Thank you for recommending me Origa’s “Mizu no Madoromi”, I absolutely love it! I’ve been listening to it over and over again :3 A-a-and I found a job! Yay!!!!! I’ m super happy. I need to recover until Monday, because that’s when I’ll start officially. I’ve already worked today though, but it was just a trial thingy and besides I’m still sick >.> I’m still deciding whether I should subscribe to Zero-Sum or save up for my internship programme in Japan (I’d like to apply in October). Grrr, I’m at the crossroads xD


    1. Aww, sorry to hear that you’ve been sick. *Huggles* back. Hope you’ve recovered in time for work though. Glad you enjoyed the Shou-spam. 😀 Well, you can try a short term subscription like 3-mths and at the same time save the rest for your internship. October is a gr8 time cos it’s a beautiful time of year over there. (^_^)


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