Yakumo OP/ED Single – Key/Missing You by Ono Daisuke & Lisa Komine

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CD Title: Key/Missing You
Artist(s): Jangled Cat (CV:Ono Daisuke)/Lisa Komine
Release Date: 17-Nov-2010
Yakumo OP/ED Single

This maxi single release featured the intro and outro theme songs to Fall anime series ‘Shinrei Tantei Yakumo‘, sung by Ono Daisuke and Lisa Komine.You might wonder why there are 3 versions of the OP song ‘Key‘. The first two tracks are essentially 2 different TV edits of the same song used for the anime. The 3rd one is the full version. I honestly couldn’t make out the difference between the two edits used in the show until some one pointed it out. Now that I had listen to the single, I noted the subtle variances in the clarity of the vocals. Phase 2 is clearer than Phase 1 where the digitized vocals sounded more distorted. My advice is if you don’t want to be confused, just listen to the complete song which turned out better than I thought it would. It’s rare for Ono D to rock out like he did on this song but the edgy tone and melody fits the anime’s opening. However, ‘Key’ isn’t my favourite intro theme. I preferred Yakumo’s ED ‘Missing You‘ which was beautifully sung by Lisa Komine. I’m a sucker for soulful piano ballads and I thought the song’s lyrics struck a chord with the show’s underlying theme of missing a loved one that’s gone and trying to hold on the memories that’s slowly ebbing away. Lisa subtly projects the bittersweet nuances of the song in her singing. I love her vocals. There seems to be a lack of good ED songs this Fall and thus, ‘Missing You’ could possibly end up as my choice for best ED song.

View Lisa Komine’s Performance of ‘Missing You’ here:

Catalog No.: VTCL-35090
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Like it, Buy it: yesasia, cdjapan, play-asia

01. Key –Phase 1‐/Jangled Cat (cv:小野大輔)
02. Key –Phase 2‐/Jangled Cat (cv:小野大輔)
03. Key/Jangled Cat (cv:小野大輔)
04. Missing You (コミネリサ)
05. Key (Instrumental)
06. Missing You (Instrumental)

3 thoughts on “Yakumo OP/ED Single – Key/Missing You by Ono Daisuke & Lisa Komine

  1. mei

    “patience is a virtue” – waiting for the full ED is just so worth it. i’ve no other words other than “beautiful” 🙂
    the “live” rendition is even better than the studio recording 🙂


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