Shiki OP2 Single – Calendula Requiem by Kanon x Kanon

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CD Title: Calendula Requiem
Artist(s): Kanon x Kanon
Release Date: 17-Nov-2010
Calendula Requiem Collage (1) (1)

I finally got a chance to listen to ‘Calendula Requiem‘ in full after the single was released recently. For those not in the know, the single is the collaborative effort of Kanon Wakeshima and Kanon from An Cafe.

After having a few listens, my opinion of the titular track hasn’t changed. It’s still the lesser of Shiki’s two intro themes. The song doesn’t really fit the macabre atmosphere that Shiki is projecting. Maybe it’s due to the edit used for the anime. However, ‘Calendula Requiem‘ sounds better as a standalone j-pop song. Kanon Wakeshima’s vocal range is well suited to the melody as she managed to evoke a sense of a desperation that the lyrics seemingly conveyed. I thought the distorted bridge towards the end seemed out of place but I reckon that was intentional. It’s the only part of the song that blights it slightly.

Two other songs are included as the b-sides and they are track 2 ‘The Doll House!‘ and track 3 ‘Umigame Soup‘. ‘The Doll House’ is a tad similar to the titular track but the tone is a lot more uplifting. ‘Umigame Soup’ on the other hand, turns out quite different in that Kanon Wakeshima puts on a kiddie persona and made the song sound like a kindy song. Does not appeal to me though.

Overall, decent but average.

View the PV for Calendula Requiem

Catalog No.: DFCL-1705
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Like it, Buy it: cdjapan, yesasia, play-asia

01. Calendula Requiem
02. The Doll House!
03. Umigame Soup
04. Calendula Requiem (Without Vocal)

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