Mag Updates: Gekkan Asuka Issue 12

Sharing snippets from Gekkan ASUKA Issue 12

PSD Yakumo is the cover bishie of the month

Belated update but nonetheless, I know some have been waiting for the snips and spoils from this issue. Fans of Yakumo *rejoice* cos issue 12 is Yakumo centric. Current anime episode (7) is full of win. The whole mysterious backdrop came to the fore after such a painstakingly slow buildup since the beginning.  Other than Yakumo stealing the spotlight, there’s not much else to write home about except for the stunning colour pages for Samurai Drive and also for ‘The Conductor’. I thought these two chapters were winsome. On ‘Samurai Drive’, there’s a newcomer in Kokonoe’s school and she’s a pretty girl with a deadly sword skill. The rest of the guys go ga-ga over her but she shows them she’s not interested and talked with her sword. She tested Kokonoe too but his skills are totally on a whole different level. He doesn’t even really draw his sword. 😆 As for ‘The Conducter’, it appears that Tamaki has been snooping into Yuuki’s past with the “help” of the mysterious reporter dude. Naomi on the other hand, is sinking deeper into traumatic distress. Why do I get the impression that she might have another personality which stem from some horrid incident that she didn’t want to remember. It’s either that or a creepy dude from her past has access to her apartment and did all those weird writings on the mirror to spook her and make her go slowly insane.

That’s about it for this issue. I’m lazy now so you won’t find me babbling on as much (not that I babble that much anyway). 😛

Picspam ahead >>>

More of our bishie detective

Double page colour spread for File 3, Case 3Photobucket

Go ahead Gotou, you know who want to poke his side… 😀

Order or buy your copy now…the CD’s out today (17-11) actually!

Colour Page for ‘Akaki Tsuki no Mawaru Koro‘ by Kigawa Arata
– Well, if you like shoujo romance manga with a splice of *mystery* thrown in, then you might enjoy this one. Me, not so much though..

Cos I already pick this one *lol* . Volume 2 as you already know, is out.

One Shot ‘Seiyu-Ichi Nensei‘ by Hirotaka Kisaragi
– I thought this one-shot was amusing. It’s about two friends trying out for voice acting roles.

New arc, new character for Samurai Drive

Plus a double page colour spread

Colour Page for ‘The *smexy* Conductor
– It *cracks* me up to notice that the publishers finally did something to correct the spelling. Muahahaha…

Noami: Kyaaa, I’ve been finger painting with my lipstick in my sleep again…

Barajou no Kiss Vol. 6 will be out at a bookstore near you on 26-Nov.

Next Issue Preview

Freebie anniversary Card thingy that came with Issue 12


You may use the images for personal purpose but please do not claim them as your own and re-post them elsewhere. It would be pitiful if you do. You may, however, link to this post for reference. Credit to the original source would be much appreciated if you do make use of them.

14 thoughts on “Mag Updates: Gekkan Asuka Issue 12

  1. I have question…
    whether this issue was added cards with Barajou character(s)?

    BTW, thanks for sharing “Barajou” scans 😀
    what a pity that they didn’t give any new pictures… 😦


    1. @LittleStar
      No, they weren’t any Barajou furoku with this issue.
      🙂 You’re welcome. Is happy to know you enjoy the Barajou pics. Barajou is getting a colour spread in the next issue of Asuka. There’ll be new illustrations for sure. Keep a watch out for it. 🙂


      1. I so happy when somebody shares scans from this manga 😀
        I waiting for cover, calendar and cards
        about Aya-san mentioned at her blog.
        (I hope there will be new pictures Anis with Kaede or only with Kaede :D)
        Yay! Can’t wait to see this *.*


  2. Zizi

    I really like Yakumo. the anime’s really good and interesting. wanna know what they want from poor yakumo.
    and I just read the conductor. very interesting. makes u wanna keep reading.
    thanks for the pics.


  3. lenaleemelodee

    Such an eye candy! This issue, that is. I agree, the current Yakumo arc is epic. I hope they won’t rush it though. And I’m sure that little girl in the beginning is that adult megane woman. The only thing I dislike is all that talk about “come to the darkness”, I mean… just be more specific, what are their purposes, who are they, etc etc.
    Ayahotori image is nyannyan :3 Seiyuu looks really interesting. And seeing Condy makes me super excited again. Naomi… scaredy-cat ;D And lol@their English mistakes… Honestly, I don’t understand when they do such things… Is it that hard to check the dictionary for just ONE word? And it happens all the time… They also totally messed up Russian in the second season of Darker Than Black… There are countless examples… I think that if you’re a pro, you should do everything as perfect as possible. And their English title got me confused at first, I started thinking that maybe they meant something different…

    It’s been a while seen I’ve read Samurai, need to look through the chapters again, kinda forgot what happened already xD

    Thank you for the snippets!^^


    1. 🙂 You’re welcome. *Is happy* to share snippets with fellow ani-manga fans. I’m glad the plot got moving in Yakumo but I can’t help feeling that it can’t compete with the novels or the current manga adaptation. They are way more superior than the anime version which I thought is somewhat lacking the ‘oomph’. 😛


  4. Yuuki

    thx again~!
    I’m currently reading those 3 manga :
    conductor, Yakumo and samurai drive XD
    I took some pic from your post :3
    aww I see Trinity Blood in the next issue ><
    Too bad the author pass away T_T


    1. (^_^) You’re welcome.
      About Trinity Blood, Sunao Yoshida the original author may have pass away but Kiyo Kujo is still continuing with the manga adaptation that’s running in Asuka. I suppose they’ll be a new chapter in the coming issue of Asuka since the manga had taken a long break recently.


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