A peek at Pandora Hearts 2011 Calendar

I can’t believe that we’re almost reaching the end of another year. But we can’t run away from that fact not when there’s a ton of 2011 calendars out on sale right now, reminding us that a brand new year is dawning. Let’s see, I’ve got my PIXV Calendar last month and this month, I received Pandora Hearts 2011 Calendar. Jun Mochizuki certainly know how to tempt her fans by including a fair number of new, never seen before illustrations and they are instant eye-candy. If you ask me, I’d tell you right off that it’s well worth the dosh spent. 😛

So, to tempt PH fans further…here’s a peek of the PH 2011 Calendar.

The Cover

The Contents
– which is actually the last page but I put it upfront so that you can get a summary of what’s new and what has been seen before.

Let The Calendar Roll

Jan 2011
– Squeee!!! Jan is one of my favourite of the new illustrations.  Sooo kawaii, ne?!

Feb 2011
– New illustration. I’m sure fans of Gil x Oz will have a field day with this little Valentine treat

Mar 2011
– We’ve seen this before, it’s the colour page for the ‘Unbirthday’ chapter

Apr 2011
– This one appeared on GFan’s April Cover and it’s one of my favourite image of Break and Oz together

May 2011
– I’ve not seen this one before. The Dodo is cute though.

Jun 2011
– New illustration. Elliot looked so carefree and happy… I reckon there’s more to the illustration than what we’re getting for the calendar. I won’t be surprise if the full image will be used in future chaptersPhotobucket

Jul 2011
– Cover illustration for Retrace 54

Aug 2011
– Cover illustration for Retrace 51

Sep 2011
– Another new illustration from Mochizuki-sensei and also one of my favourites because it has the lovely threesome of Glen, White Alice and Jack.

Oct 2011
– Creepy but smexy new illustration feat. White Alice & (?) Photobucket

Nov 2011
– It’s new but heh, too pink though but the expressions are amusing 😆

Dec 2011
– Finally, the cover illustration for Retrace 43

So, which of the new illustrations are your favs?

Thus ended this X’tra special preview brought to you, courtesy of Ayu. Enjoy!

You may use the images for personal purpose but please do not claim them as your own and re-post them elsewhere. It would be pitiful if you do. You may, however, link to this post for reference. Credit to the original source would be much appreciated if you do make use of them.

32 thoughts on “A peek at Pandora Hearts 2011 Calendar

  1. oh! WOW! Jack Bezarius is in the 9th calendar! i’m really happy.! :”>
    i really like the 2nd calendar..Oz and Gil are so cool in there… 🙂
    [ i’m late to know this calendars.. =)) ]


  2. I love the 9th illustration (Jack Vessalius, Glen Baskerville and the Will of the Abyss (her name’s not White Alice…). I also love the 10th illust, it’s featuring the Will of the Abyss and Xerxes Break in the past, when he fall into the Abyss. He lose one of his eye because Will of the Abyss took it to be inserted into Cheshire’s eye socket (at that time; Cheshire is blind because when Vincent Nightray killed him as Alice’s black cat, Vincent took his eyes).

    Sorry, too much spoilers… T A T


  3. Thank you so much for uploading these.
    I’m happy so mucch that i though i could cry!

    And it’s almost new year too.
    Can i have your permission to upload these om my blog, plz, plz?
    the credict is all your.

    My fav are June and October, since I’m big fan of Elly and Alyss (and my birthmonth is October ^^)

    The June scan => Just seeing him laugh like that make me so happy, enough to cry. And after so much tragedy had happened to him. I just love you so much, Elliot.
    October => Pure and smexy, gorgeous white Alyss. Who couldn’t fall in love with you.

    oneagain, thanks so much.


  4. Thank you for sharing
    I really love this calendars
    August is my month but my favourite are September,October,December,January and March!
    But I like the June Calendar


  5. I had been considering buying the Pandora Hearts 2011 calendar. If it’s still available online I’ll get it. :3

    My favourite of the new illustrations are the ones for June and September.
    Lucky me, since my birthday’s in September and I really like this year’s September illustration. xD


    • I love this year’s PH calendar. Definitely worth it.
      You can still buy it here, here, here and here.

      Yay! Another fan of September. So cool that it’s your birth month too. I have lovely Gil for my birth month and the most coincidental part is the ‘Butterfly Dream’ poem that is associated with the chapter cover, which happens to be one of my favourite Zhuang Zi tale. xD


  6. Well… i can’t decide my favorite since all of it…hmm..*speechless*
    Okay.. March and October.. ^^
    March –> seeing Oz-sama with black orchids.. it just like a death match..
    October –> Kevin Regnard (Xerxes Break) and Will of Abyss = Lovely Creepy

    I need suggestion.. I really want to have it, and put it on my room. Should I purchase it legally (via online store) or just wait for the scans? because it’s really expensive..makes me cry when i knew the price T_T
    Thank you for the scans..thank you for sharing.. *bows deeply*


  7. Squeee~~~ thanks for sharing the bigger version!! XD I can’t wait until I receive mine! :3 Glad I ordered it, the illustrations are soo gorgeous!
    My favourite is, of course, February (my birthday month and it’s Ozbert!). I also love October, June, and January ❤


  8. Thank you for sharing, Ayu! ♥

    OMG the calendar looks awesome! :hearts;
    I decided to buy it. The illustrations are great, especially the one of January, adoraaaaable! ♥ vdsgdfhf Also, I adore sexy Oz of July, he’s… hot! :Q______
    But, I have to admit… them all are fantastic, great job for Mochizuki-sensei! ♥


  9. Woot! Thank you for the images^^ Somehow I feel like I don’t eat, don’t sleep, only sit in front of my laptop -.-‘ judging by the speed of my comments, I mean Well, it’s certainly not so, but I always look forward to your posts^^
    PH scans have already been shared in PH LJ community, but thank you for the bigger versions! And I’ve gotta say it’s probably the best manga calendar I’ve seen so far. Well probably only Otomate’s Hakuouki could compete with it, but it’s a game to begin with.
    Anyway, I’m not a big fan of Gilbert, but ALL pages with him look absolutely gorgeous. Probably it’s just because watching him grow up as the story goes on makes me more and more attracted to him.

    I really really love the January page, I also love all Break pages. The only page I was kinda disappointed in is Glenn/Abyss/Jack… Jack is my most fave character along with Break, and I think that pag ewith him didn’t do his character justice. You know how he’s all キラキラ★ Also the pink page has a hilarious picture, but there’s too much pink, indeed, definitely not my favourite color…

    Also that picture with Abyss, it’s Break with long hair when he still was Kevin. Btw I’m surprised there’s no Vincent or Ada in this calendar… They could also add some Reim here :3
    Ohhhhh, speaking of pictures, have you seen the latest PH chapter? the color page with Break and Gilbert looks SO awesome. I was too lazy to remove the text from that page, just edited it a bit and put it as my desktop wallpaper xD

    So… I love all the pages except for the May and September ones. Oh and October… it’s nice, but too pale, I think. And making another background for the November one would be a nice idea…
    I just love PH too much to not like anything there… especially after reading the latest chapter 「オレはこの男の左眼だ!」 Go for it, Gil! xD

    Thank you for sharing!^^


    • (^o^) Thank you for your comments. Glad you enjoy the PH illustrations. Ha, yes I peek at the latest chapter cover but will wait for my own GFan copy to read it which I’ll receive in a couple of days time. I usually get GF 3 days after it’s officially released in Japan.


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