Just a little simple teaser…

I know this is random but guess where the images on the collage are from? (^w^)

They are what I plan to feature on tBP but didn’t quite get round to it yet. 😛

I’m very weary and wary of rude requests for certain manga snippets that I share on my blog. Therefore I won’t respond to such *demands*. Re-posting what is ask for isn’t acceptable either. Linking to a post on this blog is preferable but re-directing my links to 3rd party sites are not. Of course I don’t claim the rights to what I’ve shared as these belonged to respective owners and publishers. Please read the ‘Disclaimer’ page. That’s the very reason why I chose to be selective with those snippets and with whom I shared them with. It’s one way to introduce and expose more readership of the writer’s work so that one day, those titles would be officially available in the places that don’t have them at present…not to mention, for some peeps to exercise their fangirlism/fanboyism. 😛 Be civil, courteous and nice so as to encourage Ayu here to share her enthusiasm lest she decides not to in future. Why am I babbling in a odd way? Duh, end of random mumbling! Time to snooze.

4 thoughts on “Just a little simple teaser…

  1. lenaleemelodee

    Ohhh!!… I can only recognize Uraboku, Karneval and Tegami Bachi.
    However that guy looks painfully familiar, looks similar to Ayahatori’s art maybe? :O
    Also, a random question: I’ve seen your post about CLAMP’s new manga. I haven’t really read any series by CLAMP except for Kobato. Are their series worth checking out? It’s just that I’ve heard that, for example, Tsubasa’ ending was taken negatively.
    Looking forward to all those series!!^^
    Something bad happened? D: ——————->[dream tweets]


    1. Yay, you got all of them right. Yup, the other one is Ayahatori. Well, those titles gotten so familiar by now xD
      About CLAMP:
      Cardcaptor Sakura was a favourite back when I was a junior just starting reading comics in school. It was the first CLAMP manga I got into followed by Chobits. Later on there’s ‘X’, Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxHoLic. I loved ‘X’ which unfortunately was discontinued. It’s seinen so the theme is much more contemporary, darker and dramatic, not childish like Chobits or Cardcaptor. Tsubasa started on a interesting premise but as the series progresses, the plot gets more convoluted and confusing until manga readers/fans felt that CLAMP has lost their direction for the series. xxxHolic is still ongoing, one which I still enjoy reading despite not liking it not having Yuuko anymore. I love the dark, forlorn atmosphere and drama on it but does not wish it to end poorly like Tsubasa. CLAMP’s series are interconnected and no doubt, Gate-7 is too! I won’t be surprise if we see cross-over characters from the CLAMP’s multiverse appearing on it. I’m just curious what they’re going to do with Gate-7 and where it fits in the CLAMP world. 😛


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