Jump SQ. Issue 12 – CLAMP’S GATE 7


*Edited 8-Nov: Chapter images added

For a start, here’s the cover of the introductory chapter of CLAMP’s new manga ‘Gate 7’ which features ‘Hana’, the lead female protagonist of the story.

It appears that CLAMP is turning the one shot into a full fledge manga series. In any case, we won’t get to see the 2nd chapter till Feb of 2011.

Will share more snippets from the chapter later… this is just a prelim post after all.  Stay tune… I’m off for a much needed snooze. (^_^;;

*Waves* Ayu is back to share more spoilers from the chapter. Naturally, if you’ve read the Chinese to Eng fan-translation which is out somewhere in the www, then these images won’t spoil you much. However, if you’re like me who prefer to see the Jpn raws but have yet to take a peek at ‘Gate 7’, then these snippets will be a little treat for you. 🙂

On to the chapter itself, it’s about this new guy in town who decides to go sightseeing around Kyoto but accidentally wanders into some kind spiritual barrier and ends up meeting a trio of very strangely attired people with weird powers, freaking him out. 😆 Little did he know that this little incidental meeting would later change his life and possibly the world that he knows now.

The premise seemed interesting enough and yeah, CLAMP’s art is instantly recognizable and familiar. The parts when the trio with special abilities exorcising the bad spiritual matter reminded me of xxxHolic Chapter 205 when Watanuki with the help of Doumeki, fought something similar. I love how they introduced the main characters in this chapter. Their interactions are quite amusing. Although, the magically able trio couldn’t detect any spiritual power from the main male lead, Takamoto, I think there’s something special about him that reminds me a little bit of Watanuki. The mysterious trio themselves are interesting as well. Not much is being revealed of them yet. So this keeps me interested enough to want to find out more and how CLAMP would develop the story further seeing as they are going to turn their original one shot into a series.

On to the snips of images from the chapter >>>

The main guy, Takamoto

The main heroine, Hana.  She’s part of the special trio.

And I think I found my new CLAMP favourite  xDD

The main trio – Sakura, Tachibana and Hana

We have a kiss already and the story hasn’t really got going yet. Even Shaoran and Sakura didn’t come to this after Reservoir Chronicle ended. Go figure! (^w^)

And that’s it.

To preview the individual chapter, just click on the cover. However, I have a policy in place and that’s ‘Ask and you shall receive’ if you want to see the chapter. Please do not claim the scans as your own or re-post it elsewhere. A little credit to their original source is much appreciated, should you decide to use them for translations and the likes. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Jump SQ. Issue 12 – CLAMP’S GATE 7

  1. Ssaygo

    CLAMP’s new work is really beautiful!!
    I would like to read this one and I won’t post it anywhere.
    So, can you send me the password for the archive, please ?


  2. Jing

    Hey !
    I would like to read the One Shot and I won’t post it anywhere don’t worry, so can you send me the password for the archive please ? =D
    Thank you in anticipation ! =)


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