Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (ODA Suzuka)

Manga Title: Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – Psychic Detective Yakumo – 心靈偵探八雲

YA - 004a (1)


Based on a novel by Kaminaga Manabu, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (aka Psychic Detective Yakumo) follows the story of a university student named Yakumo Saito, who was born with two different colored eyes. His red left eye gave him a special ability to see ghosts and spirits. He believes ghosts and spirits are bound to earth because of a certain ’cause’ and simply by eliminating that ’cause’ will those spirits rest in peace. He uses his unusual ability to solve murder cases which is how he met Ozawa Haruka, a female student who asked for his help. Together, they embark on their investigation which will lead them down a path of many more strange incidences.

~Excerpt from ‘Baka-Updates Manga’, modified and edited by Ayu

Author(s): Kaminaga Manabu
Artist(s): Oda Suzuka
Genre(s): Horror, Mystery, Seinen, Shoujo, Supernatural
Published by: Kadokawa
Serialized in: Gekkan Asuka

::Volumes Released To Date::
Volume 1 (25-Oct-2009)
Volume 2 (26-Mar-2010)
Volume 3 (26-Sep-2010)
Volume 4 *to be released on 25-Dec-2010

For info on translated chapters: See this site

Ayu’s comments:
There are two manga adaptations from the novel by Kaminaga Manabu. The first one ‘Shinrei Tantei Yakumo ~Akai Hitomi wa Shitteiru’ is by Miyako Ritsu. Only two volumes of Ritsu’s version has been released. The second and most recent one is by Oda Suzuka which is currently being published in Gekkan Asuka with the latest installment being File 3, Case 3. Three collected volumes of Oda’s version had been released to date. I personally preferred Oda’s version of the manga in that the story and art are grittier, edgier and grungier, less shoujo-ish. The character designs also attest to that aspect…well, except perhaps for Haruka’s. 😆

There’s also the anime adaptation which airs every Sunday on NHK in Japan. I gotta say the 1st episode didn’t really impress me all that much because of the way the first case was edited with parts of the story being changed. It felt a little rushed. However, it gets better as the episodes progresses. I still follow the ongoing anime and the manga in Gekkan Asuka of which I subscribed to.

::Loose Chapter Preview [JPN]::

Save to say that the anime has covered these 4 chapters in the most recent episode (5) and they’re not considered spoilers any longer. However, one can evidently make out the differences between the anime and the manga if you see the chapters. 🙂

Yakumo: File 2 – Case 6 (Asuka Issue #6)

Yakumo: File 2 – Case 7 (Asuka Issue #7)

Yakumo: File 2 – Case 9 (Asuka Issue #8)
Note: I reckon Asuka mislabeled the chapter as Case 9 instead of 8 but I’ll just stick to what was printed. 😛

Yakumo: File 2 – Case 10 (Asuka Issue #9)

Previews of newer chapters will be added later in separate posts.

To preview the individual chapters, just click on the covers. However, I have a policy in place and that’s ‘Ask and you shall receive’ if you want to see the chapters. Please do not claim the scans as your own and a little credit to their original source is much appreciated, should you decide to use them for translations and the likes. Enjoy!

::SNIPPETS from ASUKA Issue 12 Special::

This little booklet called ‘Yakumo Walker‘ came with Asuka Issue 12. Basically, it’s a guide to the places and sights which inspired some of the scenes in the story. Interesting really!

Just some of the pages from the booklet beginning with the guide content

Waaa, the food.  Yakumo’s favourite desserts?!

If you’ve seen the recent anime episode or read the chapters I listed above, than this sight might be familiar


Q&A with Kaminaga Manabu

Haruka’s daily fashion sense, manga version. Honestly, she’s much better attired than her anime version who appears to be wearing the same outfit in every single episode.

Haruka modeling PDY’s version of Burberry

Yakumo in Emporio *Yakmani* 😆

Needless to say, click on the images for a bigger reso. Enjoy!

37 thoughts on “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (ODA Suzuka)

  1. Hello, I wanted to read this manga.
    I had seen and now I’m wanting to read the manga, can you explain to me how they can read it? I don’t understand much English, I am Portuguese, so maybe my English is weird


      • Hi,

        i`m also interested in reading this amazing manga, but i don`t know how is the outgoing off this manga, nowadays.
        I will be very greatful if you explain for me about it
        I know this will appear a little arrogant, but im searching for information, and im not sure what is right and what is wrong.
        And i dont live in U.S, and its so hard for me to follow releases, and i dont know any good scanlator….


  2. well yah, i’v watch the anime. i doubt the character is based on oda suzuka’s manga.
    first time watch it, OMG , kakkoi !!! but still, i’m no satisfied.
    it’s hard to search that manga, and what i get is the chinese raw. *urg* i don’t know chinese.

    can u share that raw to me, onegaishimasu (^ ^).


  3. Thanks for sharing. ^^ I like this series a lot. Can I have the links & passwords please? :3 To look at something until scanlations catch up. XD


  4. Could I have the password too, please? My email:

    I still can’t believe that it has already ended. But I hope that soon we will see the 2nd season! ^^
    Btw, I found out that there’s a novel and all the mangas were based on it. Some awesome people are even translating this! Check out:

    Maybe you know this already. If no, then I will be glad that I helped;p
    P.S. if I’ve made a mistake, forgive me. I’m from Poland, so my English is not that good :/


    • @melissa, thank u for dropping by.
      I’m afraid the links on this page is no longer available. 😦
      Yes, I’m aware that someone from the LJ comm is translating the novel.
      Don’t worry, your English is fine. ^_^


  5. Hello! You are definitely awesome by posting this manga! I just started reading Yakumo but they weren’t enough chapters out there that were translated and I really want to see more of this manga. The anime is good but it is nothing compared to the manga. I’m so glad I found your blog…may I please have the password? *Sorry for my english, I’m mexican xD*

    Happy Holidays and Happy 2011!


  6. Could you please send me the password? Thanks for sharing ^^

    I really like the story. Am a big Yakumo and Ishi fan!

    Yeah, I was disappointed with the anime because they ommited and changed too much information, like Nao-chan… It’s depressing that they are willing to give not so good stories tons of episodes, but for some great stories based on a novels ( Toshokan sensou is another example) only 13 episodes…Sigh…


    • 🙂 It’s in the mail.
      Hah yes, Yakumo’s 1st episode is unimpressive but thank goodness, it did get better in the later episodes. Ep.7 is the best episode by far. I agree that it’s too short. Curious as to how the anime will end though.


  7. Hello! 🙂
    I’m new here, but I’m in love with Yakumo and I read all the previous manga! *_*
    May I ask for the password, please?
    Thanks a lot for your scans, you’re always very kind to share them with us! 😀


  8. please can i have the password too? i have searched everywhere (even in japanese websites even though i don’t speak the language!) to find raw chapters since the translations are late and i’m extremelly curious! So pretty please can you give me the password to have a glimpse too?


  9. I’ve still been a bit unsure about seeing this anime since reading the very, very awesome novels makes me not want to spoil the creativity of them. I was hoping that the manga scans that you have could convince me otherwise?

    Thank you for scanning them!


  10. I BEG FOR TZE MAGICAL PASSWORD!! (do I still need to email you though you already know it? Ahaha xD)

    KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! *stares at gorgeous Yakumo*

    Advance thank you because I’m already so happy with the Yakumo prettiness xD Teehee~


  11. Thanks for sharing, i really like this series alot. The pictures below
    is making me love it more lol. The art style is way too good.
    Yakumo is great, though i still think that the manga is better than
    the anime. Haruka is much more cuter in the manga 😀
    Oh can i also have the password too?


    • You’re welcome. Glad that you like the series. I agree that the manga adaptation is much better than the anime but it’s still worth watching the anime though. Magic pass is sent. Check ur mail. 🙂


  12. Thank you for Yakumo!
    Lol, right when I logged in, you already have a new post xD
    I follow the anime, but I haven’t read manga yet, more like I’ve heard that novel’s a looooot better, though I think it’d be hard for me to read the novel.

    But wow, seriously, thanks a huge for the chapters. Could you please send me the password?^^ I haven’t started reading the manga yet, but Yakumo just looks so tempting [i’m after the pictures again T_T]. But honestly speaking I’ve found him to be quite handsome in anime, and from what I’ve seen in manga, he’s nice too >.> But lol, don’t get me wrong, I’m interested in the plot. I just wish they made the anime adaptation…creepier or something. Like… during the scenes when tension is at its peak, they play victory music O.o I’m not asking ot make it as creepy as Shiki, but still.

    And wow, the places showed in anime actually exist? O.o I’ve come across such thing only with DRRR!! and Summer Wars.


    • (^_^) You’re welcome. Check your email for the magic pass. 😉
      Ya, I too like that the fact that the mangaka are inspired by actual places to draw their scenes. It’s pretty cool that way.


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