[Mags] Avarus Issue 11 and GFantasy Issue 11

Manga-zine Updates – Avarus and GFantasy Nov Issues

untitled collage

This is soooo belated due to some really stupendous issues that tBP has been experiencing of late. We’ve ironed out the gripes, kinks, what have you and move on. Not that it matters much to anyone at present since I think most of tBP’s regular visitors won’t discover the new site url until much later if they are studious enough to search for it. Phew!!! That’s one wordy sentence.

For this post, I’m sharing colour pages, covers and snippets from the November Issues of Avarus and GFantasy. Both manga-zines published some new titles plus one shots in their respective issues. I particularly like Kemuri Karakara’s one shot ‘Houmatsu ni Warau (zenpen)’ and new manga ‘Shiina-kun no Choujuu Hyakka’ from Juugatsu Shiya which appeared in Avarus. The other new title in this issue is ‘Hachigatsu no Hikari’ by K.

GFantasy has been showcasing lots of one shots from newer or lesser known mangakas in their recent issues. Two of the one shots which appeared in GF’s Nov issue are ‘Kami-sama Samika’ by Miyami Yami and my favourite, ‘Aru Ame no Nichi no 7 Senchi’ (7 centimeters of a certain rainy day) by Tsunekazu (at least I think that’s how the name is translated).

That’s the gist of this particular round-up. Now for the snippets spam. Enjoy!

::Comic Blade Avarus Issue 11::

Cover: Vassalord

Featured Manga: Vassalord
Chapter 21:  Colour Page and Double Spread
Lime green nails…urghhh!


Avarus 3rd Anniversary autographs from participating Mangakas

Countdown 7 Days: Chapter 12 with a Halloween themed cover
Angsty Mita bawling his eyes out…I’m not use to seeing that @_@

Ryo Takahashi’s Toxic: Chapter 4 – *is not a Halloween* Cover
And no, Luka isn’t impersonating a mummy. 😆 This was actually an intense chapter. You might want to check out this site for translated chapters in English. They’ve done a rather good job with it. 🙂

CODA: Chapter 4 Cover
Our lovely ballet boy twisted his ankle in this chapter which freaks him out. Ouji-sama is partly at fault for pressuring him a little too much…especially for impersonating a girl. 😆

Monochrome Factor: Chapter 57 Cover
Akira is still so lame even after all those power-ups. Homurabi will now take over the world after pawning everyone else including Akira (why r u so lame) … *jkg* 😛

::New Manga Titles::

Shiina-kun no Choujuu Hyakka (椎名くんの鳥獣百科) by Juugatsu Shiya
Chapter 1 – Cover plus Colour Page
Can be categorized as a slice of life, drama, comedy and ha, why is the opening chapter giving me a shounen-ai vibe? Lead glasses guy character is stoic but cute.

Hachigatsu no Hikari (八月のヒカリ) by K
Chapter 1 – Cover

Houmatsu ni Warau [泡沫に笑う(前編)] by Kemuri Karakara
Chapter 1:  Cover
KK’s art is instantly recognizable to those who’ve followed her other works like Countdown 7 Days and Replica. Her manga drawings are visually gorgeous. This one is no exception. This one is in the historical, action, adventure, romance, shoujo, comedy category. Traveling swordsman meets mysterious beautiful heroine in trouble, helps her and falls helplessly in lust 😆 and the action, adventure and sorcery ensues…

Preview of Avarus December Issue


Cover: Kuroshitsuji featuring Sebastian with reading glasses conveniently advertising KSII OVA Special ‘Ciel in Wonderland

KSII DVD Vol. 2 – Ciel in Wonderland OVA
Seen the episode and I can tell you I’m not exactly impress with the animation. The episode is underwhelming as well. It isn’t as good as the ‘Sushi’ one.

KSII – Final Record
It’s an illustrated book (a follow up to ‘The Black Record’) with anime art plus some interviews and write-ups which I didn’t include in my KS collection because to be honest, I’m mostly a manga fan. I’d buy Yana Toboso’s art book if she ever gets round to releasing one.

Yana’s Kuroshitsuji manga art is fab that’s why I include this Ad here 😛

GF has been pimping the next installment of07th Expansion’s Umineko Saga i.e. Episode 6: Dawn of the Golden Witch

Pandora Hearts: Retrace 54 Omake
Why just the omake? Because it wasn’t included in tBA‘s translated chapter. Maybe other resourceful PH fans can translate the page for the PH fandom.

D-Drops: Chapter 7 Cover plus Vol.1 Cover
Never really got into this manga. Didn’t find it appealing in any way.

Lammermoor no Shounen Kiheitai:  Chapter 6 plus Vol.1 Cover
I never like the lead character who is a crybaby trap…geez

10-4: Code 11 Cover plus Vol.3 Cover
This one never got going with me either.

::GF One Shots::

Kami-sama Samika by Miyami Yami
Odd girl meets odd boy and a whole lot of comedy ensues

7 cm of a certain rainy day (ある雨の日の7センチ) by 次恒一
I love this wonderful short story about a little girl who struck up a friendship with a  stranger she ran into on one rainy day. Poignant little tale!

Preview of GFantasy Issue 12

That’s it for this little underwhelming round-up. Off for a snooze.

**Note: You may use the images for personal use but don’t claim the scans as your own and post it everywhere w/o due credit to their original source.TQ!

13 thoughts on “[Mags] Avarus Issue 11 and GFantasy Issue 11

  1. Ren

    This may be an unusual request, but would you consider scanning complete chapters of Coda? I don’t believe anyone currently has scans and I’d love to see it scanlated, being a fan of Hitoshi Ichimura’s work.

    From my understanding, getting my hands on the first handful of issues Coda has been published in would be quite the costly endeavor. I hope you don’t mind my inquiry, and thank you for your time.


    1. @Ren
      Well it isn’t the first time I was ask if I’m willing to scan manga series that interest certain peeps or community. As to your request, I certainly don’t mind doing it. I’ll be happy to see this amusing series being translated in some ways to other manga fans out there. If that is the case, I’ll slot Coda in my ‘To-do’ list. 😀


  2. Polly90

    Wow I found some interesting title in your post but unfortunately I cannot buy these magazines from my country. T^T
    7 cm of a certain rainy day looks really nice so hope that someone can upload or even scanlate it. ^^ Well, I won’t give up! Thank you for posting! *chu*


    1. I’m always happy to introduce new titles. I agree that ani-manga mags aren’t available in many places so I try to share snippets with those who don’t get the mags in their countries.

      Yes, 7cm is a cute story actually. A fellow ani-manga fan will be translating it…well, if I manage to get her the chapter sometime soon. 😛 So, watch out for it.


  3. lenaleemelodee

    Thank you for sharing! Avarus got me interested this time. I’ve read the already scanlated chapters of Toxic and I like it so far, but the whole German thing is a bit of a turn-off for me really. More like, the word Fuhrer is, reminds me of Hitler :S And the world they live is… doomed? I think it’d be very suffocating to live in a world like that.

    As for the mangaka Kemuri Karakara, yeah, that page of her new series caught my attention right away, looks gorgeous, I wish someone would scanlate it :3 Besides I’m a sucker for historical stories.
    And I also wish someone scanlated Coda.

    As for translation of PH’s omake, I’d do it, but I got my hands full for now with my shoujo manga translations and the Conductor and all *sigh* Maybe if only a month later or so>.>

    7 cm of a certain rainy day looks so adorable! I love such oneshots, I can guess what it’s about pretty much^^
    All in all, Avarus got me really interested this time, +1 into my potential subscription collection.


  4. Toxic O_O Coda xD Countdown =D

    Was Hachigatsu no Hikari good? I like…. blue hair xD Haha

    Kemuri-sensei is awesome so I’m already certain of Houmatsu ni Warau being good~

    Oneshots in G-Fantasy seem interesting *_*



  5. Maya

    Thank you! I’m also sad about PH’s omake… I answered TBA about them, but they said that it’s too much work to make them ;(
    If you want I have all not included omakes, but unfortunately I don’t know anyone, who can translate them ( maybe I can request this on lj? )


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