Blog Updates [30/10]: The Brownie Post Returns!

…in its reincarnated form with a new url, a new theme and layout as mirrored in this little image 😆

Brownies for you if you can guess where this image is from.  I got the inspiration for the post caption from the original image sans the flowery border of course. (^_^)

I apologize to all you tBP regulars who couldn’t find me after the sudden disconnection of the former site. I didn’t even tell my guest author about it. Anyway, I had to move everything to this back up site which was originally intended to be a separate sister blog to tBP. If you had visited it earlier, you’ll notice that it had a different name i.e. ‘Aozora Dreams’ which is a name I reserved specifically for the twin blog. After importing everything from the original blog to this one, performing some spring cleaning, removing the old links and re-organizing the contents, ‘The Brownie Post’ is BACK!!! Albeit, slightly different in looks with less clutter on the side bars. How long will it be in this format is subjected to my whims. Well, that is to be expected. Naturally, this new change marks another new beginning, a new milestone to charter. As you can guess, I lost a huge chunk of traffic from before. I suppose I didn’t mind it as much because the most frequent of regulars will be able to find me and ‘The Brownie Post Redux II’ in due time. They always do somehow. 😀

So then, if you’re reading this, it means you’ve found the new site. Thank you for dropping by and have a nice day!


11 thoughts on “Blog Updates [30/10]: The Brownie Post Returns!

    • Ah…thank you. A brownie for you for guessing correctly. 😉
      Muahaha…that bit is subject to change soon. It was a suggestion from a late nite chat and a bet with a friend. I intend to keep the name tBP which is so synonymously link to Ayumikat *lol* but had to make it a little different from before. It’s so corny…*lulz* … my preferred original idea was just the roman numeral ‘II’ which I’ll probably revert back to cos now I won the bet. *lolz*


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