Zero-Sum Issue 11 – 07-Ghost Kapitel 62

07-Ghost – Kapitel 62

Spoilers anyone?!

Since there are some really curious 07G fans waiting to find out what’s going on in the latest chapter ‘Kapitel 62’, I decided to share more than the obligatory snippets. It’s been a while since we have a chapter sans the ghosts and Teito. Ok, Teito did appear in a flash back. This chapter is all about what goes on in ‘Barsburg’ during the time when Teito and Frau journeyed to the outpost. Dang! Ayanami sure pick an uncanny fine time to wake up from his slumber recovery just when Teito and the bishops are on their way to the fortified 1st District. The Black Hawks wasted no time in ridding the anti-Ayanami factions within the Barsburg military. I feel sorry for Princess Ouka and I think I understood now why she escaped from the palace to the outside world several chapters back where she ended up meeting Teito. I really hope Teito gets Mikhail’s eye back but now that Ayanami is awake, Verloren’s power is surely doubling since Aya-tan fought the ghosts and absorb some of their fragments.

Nuff of my gabbing.
Enjoy the spoils, not in HQ quality but as long as you can read them, they serve their purpose, yes?! (^o^)

Click on the image for *kapitel62* which is also the key to unlock the spoilers. 😎

24 thoughts on “Zero-Sum Issue 11 – 07-Ghost Kapitel 62

  1. Auy-chanが大好き!!すげえええええ嬉しい!It took me a while to guess the password again xD But it’s even more interesting actually^^
    Do you mind if your scans are used for scanlation? With credit of course. I just need to translate this for everyone ♥
    Thank you!


    • 😆 You’re welcome. Yeah, I’m being more cryptic with the p/w. If people get it they get it. If they don’t, they’ve to try harder. 😎
      You have my permission to use them for your translations if you like. (^o^)


      • *facepalm* Someone’s done it faster than me at the community T_T
        Hmph, but anyway, I forgive it, since I got tto translate all the best Frau moments from the latest chapters ♥ And Katsuragi’s so badass in this chap O__O I’ve always thought of him as an old geezer xD


        • Aww, there’s always the next chapter. *huggles*
          Indeed, Katsuragi is awesome. Never thought he turned out to be quite a mercilessly cool character. xD
          But I’m glad the greedy and annoying 3 old geezers got their comeuppance. I don’t like General Oak either. Hope Ayanami kills him.


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